Film: 5257

Education | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Designed to help teachers in Primary School to observe movement, taken on a village school. 1950's

Craft work. Moving around class room. Undress to underpants and play. 5-6 year old walks on beam and through hoop. Compare with 8-9 year olds. Then older children, step over pole. Crawling. Young children try to cartwheel, improvement over time. Climbing rope net. Climbing a pole. Growth of skill in playing games: playing with balls. throwing, catching, kicking, bat and ball. Older children co-operate more, less crowded. Climbing ladder ropes, and rope, walking! Football skills. Question: 'Does some of this seem to you to be dangerous?' [YES!!] Children get apparatus out, skipping, rings, mats, ladder, bench, safety and suppleness, rocking to and fro. Rolling from side to side. Wriggling, walking hands round body, rolling back and forth. Close ups of placement of feet on ladder. Nimbleness and dodging opponent. 'The obstinate calf' (looks like trying to pull head off). Wrestling. Beam and bar. Key is confidence for safety. Climbing a fence. Physical Education.

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