Film: 5265

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Schools in Coventry, Stevenage, Sale. 10-pin bowling, close up of ball knocking down pins.

Physically disabled or physically handicapped. Interviews with handicapped children from Pictor School, Lonsdale School and Hareward College. Physiotherapy. Children playing. Cerebral palsy. Spina Bifida. Muscular dystrophy main cases in school, plus asthmatics, accident victims. Children with linguistic difficulties. Typing. Wheelchairs loading into van. Visit riding stables. Riding for disabled. Swimming. Children talk about perceptions of them. Sailing, travelling in van with seat belts on. Link school process with man, handicapped children. Children's faces underwater. Cooking. Checking wrist-watch. Word-games. Classroom. Basketball.

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