Film: 5268

Art + Architecture | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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From the exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, London. With quotations from Matisse and music by Erik Satie.1970's

Opening shots of a woman with an exhibition catalogue walking past and into a room with late Matisse works on the wall, large arch shaped canvas; pink, blue, black and white designs, (Part of Hayward Gallery Exhibition), long shot of gallery wall. Several shots and close-up views of three early Matisse paintings, two still-lives and one landscape. Quotation from Matisse. Close-up then pan out of a layed table; the whole painting is of a woman (maid?), in red blouse and white skirt/apron, putting flowers in a vase, the table also has fruit, cakes and wine on it. Film moves on to a close-up of the womans face, cuts to a close-up of the bowl of fruit then pans across most of table. Cuts to a different painting; self-portrait, close-up pan of his hand at easel moving up to his face. A Matisse quote plays over these images. Close-up, pan and full view of two landscape paintings both of bridges over rivers. Full view and close-up shot of a still-life painting, again with Matisse quote over the images. Several close-up shots of indistinguishable areas of paintings; coloured, textured brushstrokes. Close-up shot, from left to right, of another painting in a similar style. Pans out to reveal; sand, sea, boats and a few people who remain visible. Cuts to a full shot of the painting. The next painting shown is of an open window and the view beyond; six/seven boats with tall masts and sails down sit in the harbour, moves in to a close-up of the boats.

Futher close-up shots of certain areas of paintings; brushstrokes and colour placement. Long-shot of painting of a house by the sea, a Matisse quote plays over the images. Cut to a close-up shot of another painting; a red fish on blue background, pans out to reveal this to be either a pot or bowl and on the centre-right and right of the painting a vase of flowers and a reclining female nude. Various close-up and panned shots of a second painting with window and view beyond, interspersed with images of the red fish and the reclining nude from the previous painting. Moves on to a close-up then panned out shot of an abstract still-life; two lemons in a bowl with two on the table, Tapis written on paper or book on right and a picture a black jug on white background on the wall behind. Film cuts to close-up then full-shot of a painting of a man in a green jacket with coloured fastenings, and a green shadow on his face. Close-up, panned shot from right to left, begining on wall, moving across face and settling on subjects eyes and nose, before continuing on to focus on the wall to the left of painting. Full view of a painting of a woman in a white dress, she has quite on abstract face; reminiscent of an African mask, returns to full view. Cut to a shot of a different painting, a full view of artists room/studio. Two facing chairs in foreground with a painting propped up on one, a female nude reclining on a red bed in background and three drawings on the wall behind. Close-up on one of these drawings, pan down and close-up of nude, including detail of face. Several shots of two paintings in which women sit at chairs in a park/garden with interspersed, individual close-ups of the various women's faces who are present in paintings. Return to long-shot view of the Hayward gallery wall from opening scene, close-up pan, from left to right, of large paintings with another quote from Matisse, explaining how he made the paintings. Cut to shot of reclining nude on blue and white tiled(?) floor; full view and several close-ups. A futher Matisse quote follows, played over images of a still-life. Another quote plays over images of Matisses' popular cut out blue on white nude studies. Panned images of similar work on a gallery wall. Cut to several, varied shots of similar works; pictures made with cut out shapes of all colours and several designs. Cut to a picture made from cut out blocks of colour,(The Snail?). Followed by close-up shots of certain abstract areas of the picture.

The Matisse quotes present throughout the film touch upon his feelings for painting and it's meaning; colours, light, nature and the purity of painting. The quotes make reference to the types of paintings being shown at the time. Their is also a musical accompliment running throughout the film, except when the quotes are being playing.

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