Film: 5270

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Psychology and physical development of children. Child rearing analysis. Doctors check Childrens growth. Statistics. 1960's

Children in playgrounds. Professor Tanner. Doctors check measurement of children and problems of growth development in children. X-rays. Short girl, late puberty in boy. Width measurements, height. Early computer. 200 years ago book referred to child measuring. Time lapse pictures of childhood growth. Boys racing, running, Girls ballet dancing. Family at breakfast table. Tenement block, and poor children. School. Man on penny-farthing, bicycle, bike, and lady with umbrella. Man on scooter, bike, motor bike, woman gets on 'side-saddle'. Lots of graphs. Man in library in white coat talks to camera. Playground. Baby feeding pigeons.

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