Film: 5280

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Westminster Hospital. Young man with rheumatoid arthritis, man with gout, young man climbs from wheelchair. Woman raises arms. Pressing swollen joint. 1960's

Description (diagrams) of arthritic joint. Rheumatic hands. 50 year old woman walks up and down, shows hands, grip strength, ankle manipulation etc. Endomethacin therapy: improved walking etc. Ten year old girl with arthritic knees, wrists and shoulders, cannot negotiate steps. Endomethacin therapy, girl rides exercise bike, moves plane over plank of wood, plays accordian type instrument, walks reasonably well, more motion in shoulders, hands, negotiates steps easily. Comparison of results of corticosteroid and endomethacin therapy. Middle aged woman who has undergone long term treatment with corticosteroids. Side effects, 'moon face, buffalo hump', limited motion and joint pains, substitution for indomethasin, woman smiles, has lost facial swelling etc. Middle aged man on indomethasin, given Placebos instead, performs worse on grip test, cannot lift arms properly. Chemical structure of indomethasin, list of side effects, X-ray of hip affected by osteoathritis. Manipulation of legs in Ten year old patient, same in 48 year old, shows contrast between two classes of drug. Man with gout, tries to walk with stick, reaction test, description of disease. Modular urale deposit in ear, on elbow, measuring edema of foot by water displacement. 76 year old man with gout related swelling of hands, flinches with pain when touched, sphignamoneter test for grip, results of treatment with indomethacin. Another 50 year old gout patient, walks across room. Swelling of joints in feet, X-ray of foot, showing 'punched out' patches, agter treatment, walks without discomfort, wearing Indian clothes. Young man with tattoo lies on trolley, reduced spinal motion, gets up with difficulty, X-ray illustrates arthritic process, oblituration of joint fissures, decalcification shown in diagrams, man (29 years) walks with difficulty, difficulty in sitting, after treatment, does some motions with reduced difficulty, bends to touch toes (almost), measuring chest expansion, which has increased. After long term therapy, appearance much improved. Importance of psychological factors, man kneels and prays to Allah (?) after treatment.

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