Film: 5282

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Scary looking man introduces the subject. Points to board outlining four types of referred shoulder pain: cervical, brachial, thoracic, abdominal. Cardiac angina. Gall bladder disease. 1950's

Fit looking young man raises arms above head to illustrate how joint should work. Marking of major structures of shoulder joint. X-ray of osteopathic rheumatoid arthritic shoulder. Lesion of bicipital tendon in middle aged man. Injection with adreno cortenoid preparation. Dislocation of biceps. Tears of rotator cuff. Woman with 'drop-arm' syndrome. Synovial tenderness due to infection, fluid removed from area. Young woman with facial rash due to dermatonyositis. Old woman holds huge stack of clinical records to indicate psycho neurotic illness over exaggerated wincing with palpitation of the shoulder. Man with rheumatoid arthritis in shoulders. Attempts to raise arms. Elderly woman with visible distension around biceps. Steroid injection. Claw hands. Man has steroid injection into neck. Raises arms (dramatically!). Odd looking old man with shoulder contracture. Demonstration of suggested exercises.

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