Film: 5283

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Salicylates 1970's

Elderly woman sits knitting in armchair. Man paints wall. Old woman unpacks shopping basket and stacks shelves. Diagram to show absorption of aspirin into mucosal cells. Mucosal cell damage. Drawbacks described. Occult blood loss, measured on graph. Scientists working in laboratory. Experimental rabbit is X-rayed. Scientist looks down microscope. Comparing Salicylates with placebos with regard to rheumatoid swelling (graphs). Outpatient's department. Man pushes woman in wheelchair. A woman's rheumatic hands. Affected hands and knees by rheumatism. Man gets into wheelchair, using crutches. Doctor attempts to rotate man's hips. Rheumatoid nodules. Man with severe arthritis of tempero-mandibular joint has mouth measured. Measuring joint size of a man's fingers applying pressure to phalangeal joints. Measuring grip strength. Explanation of Aloxiprin structure. Doctor inspects young boy's ear for tinnitus. Old man is given Salicylate orally by nurse. Graphs to show effect of Aloxiprin. Doctor hands prescription to woman.

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