Film: 5289

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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A film covering regional dances of India 1930's

Map of India.
Views from a moving vehicle of palm tree lined roads in South India. Panning view of a large Hindu temple complex in the South of India. Close up detail of temple carvings. The large temple of Chidambaram. The hall of a thousand pillars.
Craftsman produces a wax model of a goddess statue, which is then covered in clay and left to dry in the sun. The clay is placed on an open fire which melts the wax. Liquid brass is poured into the gap left by the wax and after cooling, the clay is chipped away to reveal the brass model. Further filing and polishing creates the end product of the statue.
Religious procession in the street. Stalls with fruit and flower temple offerings for sale. The devoted visit Hindu temple. A woman dressed in a highly decorated traditional outfit performs a dance dedicated to Lord Shiva, at a temple. Close up of exaggerated eye and eyebrow movements and delicately curved fingers.
Map of India, view pans from the south of the country to the north west. Gujarat. Sun baked dry agricultural fields. Oxen pull ploughs through the earth. View of completed ploughed field. Wavy grasses and green fields watched over by scarecrows, one is a real person! Harvest time, row of workers harvest corn with scythes. A group of sari dressed women perform a harvest dance, while grinding, milling and sieving grain.
Cattle, bullock carts move along the road and arrive in a village. A couple perform a dance in the village centre, next to the well.
Map of India, zooms in on Rajasthan. View across the rural terrain. A line of laden camels are led along the road. The ruins of Chittor fort. A palace in the middle of a lake, most likely Udaipur. Other fortress and palace buildings in Rajasthan.
People of the region, various men’s faces. Jaipur’s historic buildings. A long line of elephants are ridden past the Palace of the Winds Jaipur. Close up of the balconies of the Palace of the Winds. A camel train in Jaipur. Old city gate. Busy street in Jaipur. The old Observatory in Jaipur. Turban wearing men with broad beards and elegantly dressed Rajputs. A Rajput elder poses for a photograph but sneezes when he had to remain still. The Gangaur festival Jaipur, a procession of highly decorated elephants, camels, oxcarts and horses led through the street. A procession of women paying homage to the gods. Women perform a devotional dance.
Amber fort Rajasthan, India. Camels pass through the arched gateway. Architecture and mosaics of Amber. Carved stone elephant guards an archway. Five women perform a dance.
Map zooms in on Delhi.
Qutab Minar monuments and architecture. Humayun’s Tomb.
Fatehpur Sikri near Agra. The Red Fort of Delhi and interior of the Hall of Audience. The Pearl Mosque. The Red Fort at Agra. The Taj Mahal, initially viewed from the Jasmin Tower at Agra Fort before being filmed close up. All the architecture and monuments are filmed in detail, although there aren’t any people around.

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