Film: 5294

Entertainment + Leisure | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Promotional film for the health farm, Champneys at Tring, Hertfordshire (it's actually in Wigginton nearby) showing beauty therapies and beauty treatments in the spa 1970's

Pre titles - shots of woods and then young woman practising yoga on the lawn.
Aerial view of expansive grounds. Jaguar driving guest into the resort. Helicopter arriving with guests.
At 1'06 shots of receptionist with white overall on and long nails wearing large glasses explains what there is to do at the health farm. Young couple checking in for a holiday in Citroen 2CV. You see them driving up and v/o explaining that they lead hectic lives. They are shown up to their room by man explaining what will happen next and that someone will meet up with and show them round later. Lovely shots of interior hallway and stairs with that brown swirly carpet from the 1970s. Long shot of couple playing tennis outside and camera pulls back and see older man watching and then sits on bed (played by actor - William Mervyn) He talks about what you can do here.
Health consultation. He talks to a doctor who asks him about his drinking and then takes his blood pressure which is a little high. Then she weighs him and says he ought to lose about a stone. Next we see him having drink prepared for him The fruit juice diet. He is with a younger girl and sits at a table with a couple of others. He talks about the de-caffeinated coffee. Explanation of Champney's philosophy in a garden setting. Mervyn is walking with manager who says it teaches people how to unwind. Talks about how people are affected by stress and if they don't exercise then bodies are affected by adrenalin and pushes up pulse and cholesterol levels. People who are most at risk are those who don't express their anger and bottle it up. Need to leave here and take regular exercise and also eat better because nowadays people eat too much carbohydrates and need to go back to eating smaller meals. Talk about dietary plans. Exterior shot of Champneys without any people in shot. Janet Suzman is following a masseuse into a cubicle, other women wandering around in towels. Close shot of her having her legs massaged whilst talking to the masseur who says that she is getting rid of the toxins. Portly actor having his back massaged and talking about how he thought this was a lot of old rubbish but taking it back now. She massages his shoulders and he groans, then she starts pummelling him. Three women in sauna. One says she's had enough and gets out takes off a towel and dips in the pool, naked. Man lying in a tank with an assistant using a hose over his body which increases blood circulation. 13'47 in actor converses with another man in individual steam cabinets. Actor says he doesn't actually feel hungry.
Janet Suzman writing in her room with v/o about a writers life being very chaotic. Shots of her smoking and looking out of the window and why she likes coming and spends time reading and being quiet in the country. Outdoor yoga, with woman in leotard demonstrating and guests all trying to follow. At 18'19 shots of the indoor swimming pool and man dives in, then shots of golf course. Drawing lessons, people out in the country lanes on bikes with shots of the countryside.
Actor plays chess with woman guest outside in the garden. Shot of a tractor ploughing a field with horse riders in distance coming towards the camera. Guitarist playing in the hotel with guests including JS and actor watching. Young couple walking in field together romantically picking a flower and then sitting together having dinner (guitar music over) Camera pulls back with couple drinking wine and waiter tops them up with more wine. Actor tries to jump over tree trunk with younger man, then walks in gardens wearing pyjamas and dressing gown, walks in to the building. He says goodbye to the 2CV couple on the steps. Shot of helicopter taking off from the lawns at front of health farm, aerial shot of Champneys and surrounding area.

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