Film: 5297

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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1960's Europe.

Travel film showing the different culture and landmarks from cities / places in Europe - including Holland, France, England, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Italy. This film also has lots of excellent footage on traditional costumes (clothes) from around Europe, as well as good general 60's fashion.

Shots of postcards from various places. KLM aircraft flying. Some shots of the clouds and coast line seen from the passenger's point of view. The aircraft coming into landing.

Amsterdam, Holland. Tourists on canal boat. View of the houses along the canal as the guide talks to the passengers. Paris, France. Eiffel Tower. Group pf children outside a coach parked by the Eiffel Tower, listening to the guide. Young guy on a bike, cycle towards 2 women sightseeing, looking the tower…one of the girl and the man give a glance at each other and smile. London, England. A Queen's Guard in his full uniform. Tourists taking photographs. 2 Pints of larger put down onto a table. The Queen's Guard looking hot and sweaty in his big fluffy hat. More beer put onto the table. This is in Southern Germany. Lots of people in a square, looks like a festival. Lots of beer drinking and there's a brass band, in traditional German costumes. The conductor of the band takes a pint of beer from a girl and drink it. Various shots of the band, playing their instruments, people drinking beer, and girls walking around with trays of beer. Greece. People reading in Acropolis Parthenon. Tourists and guides. Turkey. Blue Mosque in Istanbul - exterior and interior shots. A man reading prayers in the Mosque. People washing their feet before entering the Mosque. Pigeons in the square, they all fly off. Shooting festival in Belgium. Spectator watch as a man shoot a bird placed on top of a pole. Everyone in costumes. Drum roll. Spain. Bull fighting. Matadors (not in costume) practicing with a made up bull - a wheel barrow with horns attached and another man pushes it around. Crowd cheer at the bull fighting ring, lots of clapping and some wave their handkerchief in the air. Close up shot of the cow. Switzerland. A man is tuning a Zither. Boy watches the man. Both wearing a traditional costume. Cow with a bell around its neck on a mountainside. Back to the man tuning, cows with bells, and the Swiss alps. Matterhorn. Woman reading. Brief shot of Saint Bernard dog. Man now playing the instrument. Various shots of the hillside and mountains and the alps covered in snow at the top. Children walk up to a organ grinder playing Hurdy-Gurdy / Barrel Organ. A group of tourists and a guide. A boy and his grandfather buy a balloon (red bunny rabbit shape) off an old lady. Monument of Johan Strauss the Son. The red bunny shaped balloon flies off into the sky and the boy chases it after. Everyone follows the boy. The balloon is now caught up in a tree. Canal in Holland. Men rowing. View of the canal and the cows in the field, seen from the point of view of the boat passenger. Lots of boats and ships. Crazy dog barking. More shots of the rowers. Three boys on a bridge by Westminster Abbey chucking stones into the river (probably to the boat passing by) and running off. London street scene. Traffic, double-decker bus, man on horse, pedestrians. Newspaper stand by Trafalgar Square (Nelson's Column and The National Gallery can be seen in the background). Number 29 bus to Cockfosters. Inside a gallery, possibly The National Gallery. Various paintings, and a man walking through the gallery, visitors admiring the paintings. Two men in suit sitting at a café (outside table on the streets) looking over at someone, gossiping. Shots of a blond girl in a yellow bikini sunbathing, with the sea in view of the camera. Men still chatting in the café (lots of hand gesture, and shrugging shoulder). Back to the sandy beach. A different girl sunbathing - dark hair. Lots of others sunbathing, wearing straw hats and shades (sunglasses). An old man excising on the beach in his swim shorts. A figure of a woman made out of sand, wearing a yellow straw hat. Colourful sun umbrella (parasol). The Vigeland Sculpture park in Oslo, Norway. Sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. Athens, Greece. Birds eye view of Athens. Children running through the narrow winding paths, man selling sponges. Rome, Italy. Bad traffic around a square. Woman with a pram is waiting in the square garden for her man to show up. He turns up but can't find a parking space. He gets a random man to drive his car around the square while he has a cuddle and kiss with his wife / girlfriend. Priest. Lots of stray cats and kittens in Rome. The priest feeds the cats. A man on a small old boat is fishing with a big net. Close up shot of a kitten as it watches the man catching a fish. Wine festival in Southern Germany, possibly Villingen or Weilheim (held in October). Couples dancing in traditional costumes (folk dancing). Man pouring wine into glasses. A woman picks up a very large glass of white wine and drinks. More dancing. Turkey. A waitress in traditional costume prepare Turkish coffee and serve people at a table (café at Hilton Hotel in Istanbul) overlooking Bosphorus. Man smoking Hooka (Shisha), he looks dodgy, and enjoying the sea view. Families (possibly Turkish) by the sea, sitting and chatting. 3 women sitting on a bench looking at the Parthenon in the distance, smoking. People at a sidewalk café, drinking and smoking cigarettes. Small fashion show, models. Photo shoot on the streets. Lots of good café (tables outside) shots, people drinking and smoking. Newspaper sellers, trying to sell paper to people at the café. Man trying to sell something. Brief shot of café. Man giving a speech to a massive crowd in London - lots of men in dark suits. Paris café, citron presse. Two old men (possibly homeless) sitting by the river, one drinking wine out of the bottle (daylight). Chefs in busy kitchen, cooking, carving ham, preparing food, and lots of shouting. Bazaar of Istanbul. People buying souvenirs, looking into jewellery store. Stalls. Man making kebab. The Bazaar at night, lots of people wondering around. Belly Dancing (Turkish / Arabian dancing). A shop keeper looking really bored. More shots of kebab and group of men hanging out, chatting on the streets at night. Flamenco dancing. Jazz band - the drummer taps everything in sight, to the music, with his drum sticks - the floor, table, glasses, woman's jewellery, a man's glasses lens, a man's bald patch etc. Neon lights - signs of bars, clubs, and Piccadilly Circus in London, Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and a big wheel.

A market being set up in Amsterdam. A man climbing up a ladder and manually turning off a street lamp in Vienna. The two old men by the river drinking from earlier, getting up for the day. Man cleaning the pavement. A man go into the sea for a swim. Man picking rubbish on the beach. More cleaning outside the café, sweeping. Trafalgar Square. Black cab (taxi). A man gets off the cab with painting and sets up his paint stall. The man with Hurdy-Gurdy / Barrel Organ walk pass the monument of Johan Strauss the Son and salute. View of Rome. Wedding in rural Holland. Bride, groom and guests in traditional costume. They all come out of the town hall, and the Bride and groom get on the horse drawn carriage. They drive off, scenic view, with windmill in the back ground. Woman preparing the table for the reception. Various shots of historic buildings from all over Europe shown, in between clips of the wedding reception. Buildings and cathedrals - include possibly St Marco Square in Venice, cathedral in France, Italy and St Paul's Cathedral. The wedding party. The Scottish Highland band in the kilts, playing bagpipes march across bridge, and by windmills in Holland. The organ grinder playing Hurdy-Gurdy / Barrel Organ. The waitress from Turkey. Priest. Man puts his glasses on. The crowd at the bull fighting ring. Swiss man lighting a pipe and smoking it. Various shots of people already seen in the film, raising glasses to the camera. Aerial shot (moving) of the Thames, Westminster, Big Ben, Westminster Bridge, London. Aerial shot of Paris, around Eiffel Tower and River Seine. Aerial shot of Blue Mosque. Aerial shot of Acropolis Parthenon. Clouds seen from a passenger on an airplane. Aircraft coming into landing onto a runway.

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