Film: 5302

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Travelogue of Egypt 1960's

Cruise ship leaving Adriatic. Deck scenes. Holidaymakers by side of swimming pool on deck. Sunbathers drape their legs over the side of the boat. Silhouette of woman drinking pop from a bottle with a straw. Man in pool splashes girl in bikini. She dives in. Ship passes right through the Corinth Canal in Greece. Shots over the stern of receding cutting. On bridge of ship, man uses ship's wheel, other man plots course of ship. Port of Piraeus. Streets, seafront. Dual carriageway road to Athens. Athens Omonia square and Omonia Hotel. On balcony of hotel, guests overlook square as they drink coffee. The Acropolis and Parthenon. The Properine marble gatehouse. Tall pillars. Temple of Herectian.... with female figures acting as pillars (caryatids). Female tourist takes photograph from Parthenon. Tourists at the Parthenon. Women wearing sunglasses look up at the Parthenon. On slopes of Acropolis is theatre of Dionysus. Close up of seats with writing of owner on in ancioent Greek. Pan to Agora - public meeting place. Bust of Apolo supeer-imposed on landscapes. Delphi with tourists. Apollo's temple in ruins. Mount Parnassus is a backdrop. Tourists take photographs. Woman with handbag on shoulder walks round site. Stone seats for crowds to watch festivals. Athletic sprinters start lines can still be seen. The start lines in stone on the ground at Olympia where from ninth century BC games were held. First official Olympiad dated from 776 BC. A stone arch. Tourists walk round ruins. Rock is not marble but local stone full of sea-shell fossils. Tourist takes photograph with camera of ruined architectutre. Foxhead carved out of stone. Athens again : Temple of Zeus. Modern Athens streets, buses. Several cafes with men with Greek coffee on tables. Close-up of hands playing with worry beads which help men restrain their emotions. Waiter serves at pavement cafe. Men greet one another with warm handshake - man's arm is also taken. Pavement cafe, where tourists drink ouzo - woman does not like ouzo and mops her mouth. Man walks round old Plaka area. Unlit neon sign reads "Greek dance - Bouzouki". Lots of taberna signs - inns, taverns. Greek soldiers innational uniforms on guard. Sightseer turning rotating racks of postcards. Man walks along coast with towel rolled up under his arm. Small secluded cove, sunbathing, man reading newspaper - filmed from above. (From the front) he is reading the "News of the World" newspaper. Woman in bikini puts suntan lotion on her front and neck. Man surreptitiously watching woman over the top of his newspaper. Woman in bikini throws beachball into the sea and runs after it. Child wears rubber ring with horse's head attached. Bay of .... Clear water. man swims under boat. Boat sets sail from Piraeus. Port filmed through anchor rope hole. Seagulls. Navigator uses binoculars. Holidaymakers read guidebooks to Egypt on board deck. The Port of Alexandria in Egypt. Portside in Alexandria. Interior of car as it drives to interior of Egypt. Market. Farmers. Sailboats on Nile River. Felucca boats. Boatman hold ropes attached to sail. The El Borg Hotel. Tourists sit at table on balcony. Waiters present them with slices of melon and bottled drinks. Cairo. The famous Cairo tower is 600 feet high and topped by a restaurant. Minarets. The Amir ibn Al-Az mosque is the oldest in Cairo. Donkeys pull very large carts. Mosque of Al-Khatar…. Which claims to be the oldest University in the world. Mosque of Sultan Hasim. Chanting of muezzin calling muslims to prayer. The citadel shown through an iron grille. The Alabaster Mosque. Close-up of overslippers on a tourist's feet. Pan across Cairo. Narrow streets of Old Cairo. With busy shops, bazaara. People carry baskets and vases on their heads. Craftsmen at work. Metalwork. Grille in window to provide segregation. Shadow of man riding camel on sand. Tourists ride camels, led by camel owners. Visitor dressed as Lawrence of Arabia. The Pyramids at Giza. Cheops Pyramid. People climb stones. Second Pyramid of Khafra. Third pyramid at Giza. The Sphinx. Close up of his nose (what's left of it) and mouth. Sunset at Pyramids and Sphinx.

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