Film: 5306

Shipping | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Gas and The Fish Industry 1970's

Attempts to suggest that through strict management both gas and fish stocks will be available to future generations. Trawlers at night in harbour. Sailors on trawler preparing for departure. Bridge being raised over waterway. Shot over front of moving trawler from its bridge. Small trawler leaving harbour. Stirling Rock - a British Gas ship. Trawler in heavy seas, many sea gulls. Nets being thrown overboard. Men in water proof clothes. Nets being pulled aboard and then fish in huge nets. Fish in fishmongers, in crates and dying on a ship's deck. Trawler in calm seas. Blonde woman grilling fish in modern kitchen and placing meal before boy and girl at table. Fish being brought ashore in crates. Fish crates at fish market in Peterhead, Scotland. Men and women packaging and filleting fish. London fishmongers. Woman walking in British high street. Freezer trawler at sea, captain in wheel house, sonar, radar, echo sounder. Fish on conveyor belt. Nets being dropped off rear of ship. Net being pulled on to ship, enormous quantities of fish come out with it. Charts for the fisherman. Gas rig and drilling. Two men discussing charts. Fergus gas terminal, control room, engine rooms. Underground storage cavities for gas near Bridlington, Humberside. Very small trawler fishing just off shore. Boat being pushed into sea from rocky beach. Drawing-room, designing new boats and gear. Shots of Cornish harbour, boats for mackeral fishing. Fisherman using large reel for fishing, enormous net full of fish emptied into factory area of ship. Frozen blocks of fish being packaged and then stored. Night scenes of sailors working. Helicopter landing on gas rig. Hunterston, Scotland experimental fish farm. Weighing and measuring Dover Sole and Turbot (which is milked for eggs). Fish farming near Fort William, Scotland. Baby Turbot. Fish and chip shop.

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