Film: 5309

Music | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Bo Diddley and black music in the U.S.A. in the 1960's.

Bo Diddley plays an electric guitar and relates details concerning his early life with scenes of the Chicago, U.S.A. suburb where he lived. Footage of residential street scenes of poor slums of probably the Chicago area. Travelling Shots of U.S.A. cars. Poor southern housing , kids on the streets etc. Film contains strong beat music. Negro spiritual gospel music type of influence of Bo Diddley, with some scenes in Church which show members singing and chanting, but with Bo Diddley's band playing non synchronized sound over it. Several singers are completely hypnotized by the music of their religious service (which we do not hear) - quite remarkable. Soul and blues type music. Recording Studio scenes with interesting details regarding the making of "The Mother" (master) record, followed by scenes and explanations of how a gramophone record is made with factory shots. This is intercut with other action as film proceeds. Bo Diddley on stage with group and girl dancers ("A Go Go" club). Number of songs are featured either in part or complete. Record shop scenes. Record sleeve printing.

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