Film: 5310

Canals + Waterways | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Boats and barges 1960's

[B/w] Ornate college barges filmed from River Thames at Oxford. Trad Jazz band play from roof of boat. Oxford students 'eights week'. College barges. Christchurch, meadow, rowing. Coaching from bank with bicycle and loudspeaker. Barge interior. Lots of stills of Victorians on barges. Rotting hulks. Pumping bilges. Period costume Edwardians. Towing barge in power-boat. Bossoms Boatyard. Pleasure barges. Advert. Automatic lock-gates. Light gas under kettle. Tea. Boatyard. Wood sawing. Slipway. Tough Brothers Yard at Teddington. Restoration of barge. New hull of African teak. Automatic sanding machines with rubbish bag attachments. Boat hull built upside down. Carving, planing, wrought iron railings. Tighten nuts. John Pocket points boat. Emerged from gypsy caravan.
[Colour] Decorated boat. Red dragon prow.

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