Film: 5315

Religion | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A commercial artist is asked to compromise his Christian principles when his company receives an order to prepare publicity for motion pictures of dubious nature - 'foreign films' he says with disgust. 1960's

He tries to design a poster for 'Mediterranean Passions' with a drawing of a busty woman but throws it away. He discusses it with his wife at home. 'Sex films is what they are and I don't like it!' he says. He goes to see the minister who tries to persuade him to stop but he carries on as he is worried about his family and income. He finishes the design. He gets annoyed when his boss shows him the finished item as the bikini has been made skimpier.
His teenage son is persuaded by his friend to go and see 'Mediterranean Passions' at the 'art house' cinema after seeing his Dad's advert in the newspaper. Dad discusses the work with his wife, she rolls her eyes. She thinks morals are declining. Dad hears his son talking about the dirty movie and sends him to bed. He goes to the minister again who says what he has been doing is a sin and he has been encouraging sexual impurity. He resigns from his job.
'It takes a deep trust and faith in God to leave his job and lose his social position when a firm stand is taken.'

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