Film: 5319

London | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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London in the 1970's

17th Century print of London. Tower of London. cannons. Mortars. Traitors' Gate. Tower bridge. 16th Century print of London. Hogarth prints. British Caledonian aircraft landing at Gatwick. Motorway traffic. National express coach going to London. Black taxis. Big Ben. Black taxi crossing Westminster Bridge. Black cabs crossing Tower bridge, Tourists arriving at the Tower Hotel, next to Tower Bridge and Katherine's Dock.. A doorman helps them out of the taxi. The tourists, a young couple, go to reception of their hotel. They relax in their room. Panoramic view of London. A pleasure boat on the Thames.

City of London sign. Man taking picture of street signs. Pudding Lane, Threadneedle Street, Seething Lane, Mincing Lane, Beehive Passage, Idol Lane street signs. Couple walking in the city. Guild signs and bank signs - Lloyds and Barclays. Wood panelled room. Tally sticks. Barclays travellers' cheques being cashed in Fortnum and Mason. Clock at Fortnum and Mason striking 2pm. The couple admire it. Couple on Embankment opposite Parliament listening to Big Ben. The Thames. Couple sitting by Eros in Piccadilly Circus. Multicoloured number 22 bus. Police giving directions to traffic. National Express bus. More shots of people in Piccadilly Circus. Policeman giving directions to old man. Shots of shoppers in Piccadilly Circus. Shot of the bottom of Regent Street. Shot of a statue.
St Paul's Cathedral. Justice on the Old bailey. Birds flying in a park. Rooftop view of London. Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square. People feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square. The smartly dressed tourist couple also feed the pigeons. A woman takes a photograph of people playing on a statue of a lion in Trafalgar Square. A crowded Portobello Road antiques stall. The tourists buy a silver jug. He plays with a Barclays’ travellers' cheque. Children eating ice cream cones. Crowds round stalls in Portobello Road. A cutlery stall. A man with a parrot on his shoulder plays a hurdy-gurdy. A man gets up to see. A stall with brass handles. An onion seller. A pearly king playing the spoons accompanied by a man playing an accordion. An escape artist in chains. A man carrying a multicoloured balloon. The tourist couple look at an antiques stall. A girl looks at a trombone. A man walks past the camera dressed as a mime followed by a little girl with similar face paint on. A smiling man shows the camera a monkey dressed as a harlequin. Guards on horses outside Buckingham Palace.
A man leading a band of tourists leads them over the road outside the Palace. A marching band of grey-coated guards. The group of tourists returns. The Changing of the Guard. Tourists with children. The tourist couple stand on the shore of the Thames at low tide throwing stones. Deserted warehouse in the background. She is wearing flares and a tank top. He has a sports jacket on. An alley. A cat on a wall. Cardinal Cap Alley.

Hampstead backstreet, Holly Hill, Hampstead. A church. The couple walk in an overgrown courtyard. The George and Vulture pub. A fountain. Men in top hats in the city. Jobbers or brokers. Porters at Billingsgate Market. Some carry fish boxes on their heads. The male tourist tries this and the boxes fall to the ground. His girlfriend/wife laughs. She has put a fur coat on, he now has a zip-up jacket. They go shopping in Billingsgate Market. They look at a crab. harp music. They have gone to the Tower Hotel restaurant for dinner. Their food is brought on a trolley, a fancy dinner of lobster. They are enjoying their food and wine. The wine waiter pours the woman a glass of white wine. They are both smartly dressed. They speak to a man in the hotel next day and look at some postcards of Buckingham Palace. She is wearing her tank top and flares. He has a grey suit on. They walk past Buckingham Palace. They go into Green Park. They watch birds on a lake. A man feeds a sparrow from his mouth. A woman has a dove on her head and others around her. The couple relax on a bench. A girl draws beside a lake. Birds. People in a park. Hyde Park. Speaker's Corner. Several speakers address a crowd. The crowd watches them with interest, though there are a couple of hecklers.

The Cumberland Hotel at Marble Arch. The couple go to the Carvery restaurant for a roast beef dinner. They serve themselves. They share a bottle of red wine. A waitress serves them dessert.
In the evening they go to Soho, funky 'Shaft' type music on the soundtrack.. Sun Luck Restaurant. Hot pants galore. Lee Ho Fook. Pizza restaurant - Pizza Pizza Pizza. A model horse. Taboo Revue. An amusement arcade. Women's lingerie. A fruit stall. Shirley Bassey records. Sunset Strip strip club exterior. Chinese restaurant.. Foreign newspapers. Fish and shellfish. Foreign newspapers. Market stalls, probably Berwick Street. Repeated 'Soho' sign. Wigs in shop window. Street scene - car drives past.
The next day. They are wearing pretty much the same but she has a dark jacket on. He has on a zip-up jacket. He has lost his pocketbook. They get directions to a Barclays’ branch. St Paul's in the background. Barclays. The go to the counter. He explains the situation to the cashier. He fills out a form and returns it to the cashier, who gives him some travellers' cheques. They leave the bank.
Victoria Coach Station. National Express coach passes. behind it the couple are carrying a brown bag. She's wearing knee-high boots, a brown jumper, a brown jacket and a grey-brown skirt. He is wearing grey trousers, a grey tie, blue-grey shirt and smart black jacket. They pass several coaches and, smiling, get into one. A businessman follows them onto the coach. The voice-over mentions 'the gasoline shortage'. The couple sit down. The coach driver. The coach leaves. The couple look out of the window. Pictures of other passengers, including one smoking. The woman is smoking and they pass Buckingham Palace. They are chatting. 1974 National Express brochure, open at Wye Valley and the Cotswolds. The coach driver. The Thames. The woman. A bridge across the Thames. The coach goes on to the M4. Motorway traffic. The coach driver steering. The coach in motorway traffic on the M4. The couple smiling and chatting. Motorway traffic. The coach goes under a bridge. Looking out of the front of the coach. The coach steering wheel. The coach turns off the motorway onto another main road. The leaves and branches of a tree. It is autumn. The couple, hand in hand, walk under the tree in a park or village green towards some thatched cottages. An old man with flat cap, stick and bag walks past some thatched cottages. A ladder in the background. The couple chatting and smiling. Stocks. An old woman and a child walk past the stocks, both carrying baskets, the little blonde child wearing a blue jumper.

The couple come out of a thatched post office. The man posts a letter in a post box in the wall of the post office. Two people riding horses, in riding gear. The couple look at them. The riders. The couple walk away from the post office. A thatched cottage with a well-kept garden. A garden gnome. Front garden and door of a cottage. An old man walking with a walking stick. A thatcher carrying thatch. A partially thatched roof. The couple leave what appears to be a derelict cottage. Trees. The woman has climbed into a tree and tries to help the man up - without success. She wrings her hand. The couple walk hand in hand seen through leaves. The couple sitting by a river with a bridge in the background.

The couple crossing a drawbridge in front of their hotel. She is wearing a pink top and brown flares - he has not changed. A pleasure boat on the Thames. The couple examine a sculpture in front of the hotel and the man playfully tries to move it. Barclays’ travellers' cheques. The cashier smiles goodbye as the couple check out of the hotel. The cashier smiles. A porter takes the couple's luggage out of the hotel. A British Caledonian aircraft takes off and flies away.
A promotional film for Barclays, The Strands Hotel Group, Southdown National and British Caledonian.

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