Film: 5325

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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The Royal Doulton porcelain factory. All the work including painting done there. A quick and classy whizz round the British Isles. 1950's

Aerial views of Shetland Islands to the North of Scotland, Edinburgh and mention of the arts festivals there. In Ireland is the Giant's Causeway, and the church which commemorates where Patrick landed. Wales has sheep and on the River Teifi in West Wales coracle fishermen. Four fishermen and coracles. Two string out a salmon net in the river from their tiny boats. The valley of the River Dove on the borders of Derbyshire.
Aerial views of the Shetland Isles - a rocky coastline and promontory with a lighthouse on it. View within town of rooftops and harbour. The ancient capital of Scalloway with fishermen and trawlers. Fisherman sorting ropes or nets. Woman raking mown grass or hay. Man cutting cereal crop or grass with scythe. Nice close up of elderly man in flat cap and wearing harness as he uses scythe. A croft with a woman leading a Friesian cow.
From window of passenger aircraft view downwards as we pass over rocky coastline and sea as we leave Shetlands. The engine of the aircraft in view.
An angler fishing in a river for salmon. Forth Bridge with train crossing it. Edinburgh. View from castle down onto city. Street level shot of Princes Street with bus, lorry and traffic passing. Pedestrians walk on pavement. The Edinburgh International Festival - Edinburgh a Mecca for the Arts. Woman looking at poster for Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York, possibly dated 1955. Young types form a disorderly queue as the student types lounge against walls or sit on steps.
Northern Ireland. A rock arch by the sea and the Giant's Causeway. Nice shot of couple climbing rocks on the skyline. Ireland. Memorial church where St. Patrick founded the first Christian Church in Ireland. Statue of the saint. Irish countryside. Coastline. To farmers talk as younger one sits on tractor.
Four engined Irish airliner flying in the sky, seen from another aircraft at same altitude. Aer Lingus aircraft with Irish flag on tailfin.
North Wales, Snowdonia view. Black and white collie dog and other dog, both sheepdogs lie on grass looking alert. Two men, shepherds and the two dogs follow flock of thirty sheep through gap in wall. Portmeirion? The River Teifi between Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire. Four men and their coracles from which they catch salmon. Three are already in the water as a fourth puts his boat in. Two men start to play out a small net. One man rows away with the curious coracle oar stroke, The two coracles just ten yards apart with the net between them.
The River Dove in Dovedale on the borders of Staffordshire and Derbyshire in England. Angler stands on banks of river. He wears thigh-length galloshes and casts his rod. Artificial fly lands on water. Close up of the man as he smokes a pipe and fishes. Man at work in the Royal Doulton factory as he paints rim of a plate. He stands back to admire his work as he smokes his pipe. Stencilling. Various artists at work on plates in the factory. A mix of modern and traditional designs. A very 1950's coffee pot and jug. Potting and spinning a wheel with clay on it. Testing plate for discepancies. Various dyes. Two women artists.
Lord Mayor's procession through the City of London. Marching troops in regimental uniforms. The Mayor's red and gold coach. Back garden of a large country house. Four children are taken by nanny to a childrens' height table for a childrens' tea party. The tuck in napkins and say grace. Boy offers girl a sandwich. Tea is poured from a fine Royal Doulton teapot into a cup with saucer. A plate from which four hands grab a biscuit each. Another outdoor table laid with set called Alexandria. Tennis racket rests in chair, and a racket in a tennis press. Plates on table have an assortment of biscuits on them. Various other settings, including Lyric on an eighteenth century table in a contemporary style room.
Apparently Mother's Day with man in silk dressing gown and crafat preparing a tray. He takes this to wife in bed and kisses her on the cheek. Their child play's on the floor. Wife takes red rose from vase and hands it to little boy. He is reading a comic which looks like 'The Eagle' with 'Dan Dare' on the front cover.
Two couple eat al fresco at night. In kitchen / dining room a very 1950's look. Fully fitted kitchen and round table nicely laid for a meal with Royal Doulton plates.
Abroad, with couple walking by their lake. He throws a stone in lake.
Potter's wheel and hands making a jug or vase. Quick trot through more Doulton designs and figurines. Classic shot of dinner tabl laid for four with formally dressed wife and husband putting the finishing touches to the table. She adjusts his bow-tie as he wears a dinner jacket and she a white evening dress. He kisses her on the cheek. She takes his arm and they walk of as he camera closes in on the table and a plate.

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