Film: 5327

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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World malnurtrition and hunger in the 1940's.

In 1946 the harvest was record high. Maize harvest in the U.S.A. In Europe, soup
kitchens are necessary as a result of the war. An extract from a Greek feature film where a doctor pleads for food in exchange for doing an operation. Food shortages and famine in China. A man eats weeds. American experiments where people are starved to show the effect. Nurses. U.S.A. aid in food to Europe. Southern Pacific cattle trains. Food parcel from volunteers. Food collection points on the streets. Aid concerts ( early Band-Aid ! ) " Chiquita Banana ". United Nations Relief Administration. UNRRA docks and warehouses. Tractor factory production lines, possibly Silver King and International Farmall. Export of breeding stock. The beginning of intensive farming. Nitrates exported from Chile. Fishing industry. Meat to Yugoslavia. Plague of grasshoppers or locusts. Chemical control. Chickens to Czechoslovakia, it starts exporting, river barge, Geneva, UNRRA disbands. Protest lodged. Copenhagen meeting improved harvests. The World Food Board is established. Old farming methods in the East. Families at the table.

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