Film: 5332

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Airplanes as the link between remote communities and civilization. British European Airways plane landing on a beach. In the Hebrides, Scotland. Farming scenes, hay bailing, milking cows. Rural postal delivery. Prospecting in the snow, men in tent. Snow shoeing. Snowplough. (North West territories). Ambulance aircraft to man with broken leg. Out back Australia, horse ranch, rodeo training. Collecting water from reservoir. Child with baby kangaroo. Cattle herd. 1950's

This is a film about aeroplanes - but not the traffic of city airports. It is dedicated to the smaller aircraft whose service links the peoples of remote communities and pioneering settlements with the rest of the world.
Opening Shots; British European Airways plane being guided into place at airport terminal. Shot of passengers entering airport. Shots of Barra, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Shot of white sandy beach. Long Shot of peninsula. Waves crashing on rocks. Young man cycling across beach hut with background of beach and hills. Rainbow in background. Royal Mail plane flying over smaller islands approaching beach. Local woman uses radio equipment to inform pilot that landing is possible. Shot of small beach landing terminal with small building motor cars and bus evident. In foreground portable fire equipment. Approach and landing of BEA plane. Postman in uniform removes mail and deposits it in red postal van. Passengers depart plane. Royal Mail crest and plane name and service: RMA "Sir James Simpson", Hebrides Class.
Removal of cargo from plane. Passengers leave for home. Shot of crofts and farm buildings. Farmer tends small haystack. Shot of croft overlooking harbour. Postman delivering mail. Post van.

Opening shots of Arctic Canada. Two male prospectors hammering stakes into frozen Arctic scene to establish claim. Shot of man entering tent. Snowshoes. Interior of tent. Man smoking and reading newspaper. Man handles rock containing Fools Gold. Shot of dusk and dawn. Man helps friend with broken leg through deep snow. Interior tent. Background "Heinz Beans" can. Patient given cup of whisky. Shot of man walking through snow across lake. Snow plough in front of train advancing through snow. Location identified as Yellowknife, North-West Territories, Canada. Shot of Canadian Pacific Airways terminal building at Yellowstone. Shots of stationary aircraft and planes descending to land and taxi. Plane departs to pick up injured man. Skis instead wheels on plane. Plane lands on frozen lake. Plane departs.
Opening Shot Australian Outback. Horses in pens. Young white boy with aborigine friend. Two older aborigine men sitting . Shot of house with water tower. Hills in background. Extensive footage of Australian outback. Shots of windmill used to pump water held in open tank. Aerial shot of plane with landscape in background. Interior shots of mail plane and aerial view of house and reservoir from plane. Plane lands and departs . Connell Airways Limited painted on side of plane. Royal Mail crest evident. Electrical equipment possibly volt meter. Shot of boy playing with pet Kangaroo. Cowboys herding cattle.
Footage of Barra, small fishing boat with outboard motor heading out to sea. Construction work on dam in progress. Footage of farmer herding sheep. Mail plane arriving with surveyor to inspect work on dam. Shots of windsock and horses on white sandy beach. Shot of pilot in full uniform inspecting planes prior to departure. Close up of plane. British European Airways logo prominent. Plane identification G - ANXB on rear of plane. Plane taxis on beach to take off. Aerial view of plane taking off.

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