Film: 5334

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Map of Europe and Mediterranean on which are superimposed models of Carthage, Rome, Greece and Egypt - and then their ruins.

Film of Blue men of Morocco's (Africa) tents and camels. Camels sitting. clothes people wear are blue and black. Woman lays basket on carpet on sand. Camel eating scrub. Baby camel in close up. Mother camel licks young camel's head and mouth. Camel itches itself. Ruminating / chewing camels. Lots of close ups of camels faces. Milk in bowl fed to young boy. Churning camel milk into butter in goatskin. Emptying goatskin into bowl. Primitive loom and weaving camel hair. Hammering tent peg with stone. Picking thorns from bush. Use thorns to hold tent together. Untying cooking pot from saddle. Pot on fire - spooning in flour, pouring out pot and making pastry. Woman serves men sitting on ground. Communal eating. Boy eating. Man smoking.

Woman applies henna treatment to other women's hand. Very intricate design. Hand dried over charcoal fire. Hard henna scraped off. See design. Two women decorate hair of third. Silver charms braided into hair. Turbanned men play a game of 'chequers' - game drawn in sand and playing pieces are thorns and camel dung. Four tribesmen return to camp by camel. Men make camels sit. Close ups men talking. Man hits block of sugar with stone - fits it into metal caddy. Man puts large sugar lump in teapot. Closes lid. Pours glasses of tea. Man passes out tea to others. Close ups men smoking. Ritual prayer, ritual symbolic washing without washing. Take tents down. Camels unhappy about being loaded up. Goatskins of water loaded up. Woman gets in howdah. Children put in howdah. Camels get up - Camel train. Pass stone marker that marks dry water hole. Dig deep hole but dry. Rock strewn countryside. Close up camel and human feet walking. Camels made to kneel in scrubby area. Children drink water from teapot spouts.

Caravan train on dune tops and long shadows. Train arrives at oasis. Buildings. Shakes hand with man. People cup hands of water to mouths. Camel drinks. People operate well. Container of water tipped down spout, camel and donkey pull ropes attached to pulleys. Ingenious device - camel's bladder self fills and empties water at higher level. Irrigation. Woman uses cup to fill larger pot. Timing device is bowl with hole in bottom which sinks into bowl of water. Breaking and making banks to irrigate field. Channels of irrigation. Woman washes clothes with rock. Three men wash clothes by dancing on them. Dates. Collect dates. Blue men eat dates. Fill goatskin canteens to overflowing.
Foothills of Atlas Mountains. Walk through gully. High on Plateau is swarm of locusts flying. Blue men collect locusts and boil them. People eat them, but don't look as if enjoying it. Berber goatherds. Goats eat in trees. Close up of Berber man. Kid suckles from mother. Sheep and goat market. Man buys goat. Sandstorm overcomes caravan. Men lead camels along gully.

Donkeys loaded with straw. People ride on donkeys. Donkeys carry huge bundles of vegetation - look like moving bushes. Man hitches lift on donkey - jumps on. Donkey market - trick photography - reverses film so donkey bucks and walks backwards. Donkey brays. Camel caravan passes walls of Marrakesh. Camel market - souk. Shots of camels resisting tethering. Lots of pulling on ropes, pulling on tails. Baby has back leg pulled. Man hangs dyed wool across street. Shady streets. General views of Marrakesh. Two people look over city. Market. Couple look at rug. Man ties turban over and under head. Man pours milk into metal cup. Man drinks from metal cup. Kebabs. Man eats. Man at barbers - has head rubbed. Men shaved. Water seller. Orange juice seller. Drummer, dancer, camp. Camel caravan at night.

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