Film: 5343

Transport General | 1930 | Silent + Sound | B/W + Colour


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Compilation of mainly transport clips. Roughly 1930s to 1960s. Includes many amateur home movies.

Extract from film of speeded up travel through London, b/w mute, traffic in London, point of view. 1950s
Clip from an American comedy with monkeys in - chimp rescues baby chimp from a runaway miniature train.
Good colour film of firework rockets going up.
B/w of voice of Richard Beeching, trains only. Branch line carrying goods and freight. British Rail wants and needs large regular flows of transported goods. Wagons with Birds Eye and Izal written on them. Speedfreight.
(11.04) An Imperial Airways Hercules-type aircraft. Mute of speedboats.
Silent of Avonmouth docks, Bristol tugs, boats.
(13.29) Amateur colour of a British rail shed.
Chessington zoo with horse buses, silent. Miniature railway. London streets in 1930's. Trippers and people getting on board a boat on Manchester Ship Canal. Amateur film of swing bridge. The ship the Pacific Fortune on the canal. Barton Bridge.
(17.55) Runcorn Transporter Bridge with cars and people on it. Liverpool from the Mersey. North Wales and St. Trudo. Locomotive 41000. Shipping. Ship leaving Hull docks. Horse and cart, steam trains. LMS 4974. Shipbuilding, rivetting and a ship's launch. Aeroplanes. Avro aeroplane.
(22.17) Colour amateur Lancashire steam on a viaduct. Double headed train.
Forth Bridge.
Loco 45477 being worked on.
(24.07) Scotland, Aberdeen streets b/w silent, 1920's or 1930's. Swing Bridge, the Northern Coast ship entering. Dockside and fish market. Unloading fish. Pushing fish around on floor. Amateur film of trawler leaving harbour.

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