Film: 5350

Sport | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Le Mans, the 1959 Race.

Close up of inside of Aston Martin car with large wooden steering wheel. Flash as man leaps in and car drives off. French fisherman angling in river. Racing Green sports car - Aston Martin. Team Manager Reg Parnell drives his car in followed by the 3 race cars, numbers 4,5 and 6. The scrutinizing station. There are 12 scrutinizers. Man talks to two women in sun-glasses. Car placed on weighbridge by Reg Parnell. Stirling Moss weighs car. Photographers. Le Mans. Quick edited tour of the course as a "phantom ride". Dunlop Bridge. Pass cyclists. The "S" 's. Sharp right hand bends, left hand bends. "Indianapolis". Back to pits to complete lap of the 8.76 mile circuit which would take Moss 4 minutes and 3 seconds. Practice sessions in the evening. Ferraris in red. V12 cars. Beira the Ferrari driver. Ferrari of Silvio. Aston Martin drivers.
Men drive dodgem cars.
Man polishes bonnet of car. Next day cars drive off from base in rain. The three Aston Martin cars overtake the camera car. Maurice Trentirian, French driver. From Texas, Carroll Shelby with his family. Joel Pearson who drives with Moss, Goodhall. Salvadore, Griffiths, Thompson. German Porsches. Swedish Saabs. The grandstand. Engineer tests fuel level. Cars line up. Crowds. Officials on motorbikes and in cars set off to clear the course. The drivers stand on their marks.
Moss's start to race. Moss takes lead from start. After one lap, Moss leads two Ferraris. Racing. Moss overtaken on 18th lap. Cars start to put headlights on. Car driver of number 11 gets back in car in countryside - he has obviously stopped for a pee.
Moss leads at 30 laps refuelling stop. People cross Dunlop Bridge.
Women look at fruit stall for food. Bananas hang above stall.
The Aston Martin Pit. Pit stop for number 4. Number 6, the drivers charge over. Refuelling, wiping down bonnet and window screen. 53 second pit stop. Drivers Freya and Moss. Moss retires.
Night-time lights of race cars.
Midnight. Night-time refuelling.
2 Ferrari's retired; and only one Aston Martin retired. Dawn. Ferrari 14 leads Aston 5 by three laps. People yawn. Carroll Shelby brings Aston number 5 in. Salvadore sets out. Only 20 cars of 53 starters are left. Car 17 steams on the side of the road. Ferrari in pits. Mechanics look at over-heating. Gap between Ferrari and Aston smaller. Aston 6 has regular pit stop. Oil filled. Drivers change. Aston now one lap behind Ferrari as Aston overtakes Ferrari. Salvadore drives number 5 out of the pits. Ferrari retires from race because of serious overheating. Astons 1st and 2nd. Pit board indicators. Number 5 beats 6. The happy victory team. David Bryant smiling. Salvadore and Carroll Shelby the winners.

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