Film: 5358

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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On safari in Africa, mainly South Africa, elephants, white rhino, zebras 1960's

White rhinoceros in the veldt. A white rhino with a huge horn with a baby rhino. A large termite hill. A termite wrestles with a stick. A herd of elephants. An elephant behind a large electrical fence. Hluhluwe. Marlin Perkins and Jim Hurlbit with a Zulu guide named ? Stand in a clearing of shrub brush, dressed in khaki short and shirts, Jim has a pair of binoculars around his neck. Hluhluwe game reserve. Close-up of Marlin's face, it is very sunburned. Jim and Marlin talk. The nyala, an antelope variation found in South Africa. Both male and female. The female nyala chews cud. The male nyala walks along a water hole, a herd of zebra looks inquisitively at the camera. A closeup of the zebras, the stripes on their legs is very faint, indicating a rare type of animal. The two men talk more. A group of very ugly warthogs. A warthog rubs up against a tree. A group of warthogs runs in the mud. Warthogs snort and route around in the mud. A close upof the warthogs four tucks. The three men walk up to a group of Rhinos, they hide behind nearby brush. Three white rhinos stand in the shade of the trees, a baby rhino hides under it mother. A black Rhino walks through a field. An white rhino, comparing the bodies and the heads of the two to point out the differences.
Siminjiro plain in East Africa. Tanganika territory. Marlin perkins stands beside a termite mound. Axes and spades chop away at a termite mound. Long smooth tunnels are seen going down into the termite mound. White growths of mushrooms that the termites use for food. Lots of termites scurrying around, the worker termites do all the work. The soldier termite fights with a stick that someone keeps poking him with, he is much larger than the worker. The queen of the termites, with a huge massive abdomen that ripples like waves, looks kind of like a slug. The workers scurry around the queen tending her. White nymphs crawl over the compost heap. Termites rebuild a wall carrying bits of mud to cover up the hole.
The map of africa shows a white line going south to Addo in South Africa. Addo National Park Sign with an elephant. The perimeters of the game reserve. A pcikup truck moves slowly forward as two men at the back of the truck shovel out oranges along the fence. Marlin Perkins in a suit talks. The bull elephant comes down the hill. The bull charges the fence. A cow on the other side of the fence from the elephant as it charges several more times. Jim and Mr. Armstrong, the Addo game reserve Keeper. The rest of the herd comes down the hill as the bul continues to charge the fence. The herd continues down the hill. The Afrikans, Mr. Armstrong tlak about the histroy of the Addo Elephants. The elephants, including babies, eat up the oranges. A review of the 'african oddities' that we have seen!

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