Film: 5363

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Adam Smith (16 June 1723 – 17 July 1790) economics and wealth of nations
History of Smith's Life and ideology, division of labour, exchange of goods, market prices, natural prices, industry, parliament and Kirkcaldy where Smith was born.1970's

Industrial scenes, men at work with large hammers. Shepherd with North Country sheep leading to the Woolboard, spinning, weaving and other related industries. Wool Bales on lorry. Mechanics producing tools. Couple looking into a shop window of worldwide bargains before going inside.
Adam Smith's book 'Wealth of Nations'. The life of Adam Smith (using some illustrated pictures).
Gold bars stacked. Grain in a trailer, Farmer and sheepdog rounding up sheep. Ships and shipbuilding. Cargo being hoisted onto ship. A lorry on the road in an industrial area. Couple going into the Worldwide Bargain shop. Westminster scenes and sound of Big Ben. Sculpture of Adam Smith.
Coast of Kirkaldy and aerial views. Adam Smith plaque and some of his garden which remains. More of his years growing up and education including Oxford University. His associates and his grand tour of Europe including Toulouse. His return to Scotland (Kirkcaldy).
American (U.S.A.) flag flying. Industry making large pipes. Illustrations of pin making.
Open market, fruit and vegetable stall trading. Close up of hands exchanging money. A Butcher selling meat to crowd of onlookers. Preparing the meat and sawing joints.
Farming, labour in the field with tractor - vegetables for market. A Geest Banana lorry.
Men trading in commodities by telephone with Map of World on wall behind. Potato sacks.
Guilds and coat of arms' including Cutlers Hall. A combine in field of corn. Vegetables in field. Ship Robert E. Lee.
A business man in bow tie walks along street with briefcase. Westminster. Boat on the Thames. London Guards ceremony. Lawyers in wigs. Various bridges. Highways. Toll bridge in operation. The Department of Trade and Industry building. No 10 Downing Street with the usual policeman in attendance.
A building site possibly bridge building. Site workmen.
The U.S. Treasury Department building. The Old Custom House. U.S.A. Colonies. Houses and river views. Paintings, art of U.S.A. leaders. Guns/Canons in a field stood idle but sound of canons being fired. Rulers of the British Empire. Ships.
A view of Edinborough, Edinburgh, Scotland and the house where Adam Smith died, his memorial. Turning the pages of his book. A chess board, playing chess with figures of historical people.
More shots of various industries, work and professions.

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