Film: 5368

London | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Valerie Singleton (VS) looks at London.1970's

Inside of commuter boat on River Thames. Valerie Singleton, wearing her Blue Peter Badge, stands next to man steering boat on bridge. Tower Bridge. Old beam engine in operation. Navy ship passes through Tower Bridge. from roof of Tower Bridge view of Tower of London. The traffic below. Ludgate Hill. Tower blocks. Old Roman wall in Churchyard of All Hallows Church. Tower of London. Tower Green with VS walking to camera. Plaque showing list of famous people executed at the Tower.
Stills of Lady Jane Grey and Edward VI. camera approaches door. Chief Yeoman Worker written on it. Door closes. Jane carved in stone at Tower.
camera walks over cobbled stones on way to place of execution. Brass plaque reads Site of scaffold. Executioner's axe is raised and lowered in people-less dramatisation of execution of Lady Jane Grey. Ravens on grass. VS with Beefeater. Beefeater strokes raven. Ravens eating raw meet. Beefeater recounts tale of ravens. The White Tower. Story of Tower told in pictures.
London Zoo in Regent's Park. Camels chewing. Tigers in cage. Lion sticks paws through bars. Eagles - golden and sea. Wolves. Elephants and elephant moat. Tale of animals and trades crests. Arms and crests of Guilds. Fishmarket of Billingsgate - activity. VS talks to man about market as they walk about. Shown halibut. Market porter shows VS his unusual hat - a titfer. Packing ice in boxes of fish. VS in Guildhall. Close up of hand banging gavel three times. Track in to VS sitting in Guildhall. The inside of the building.
Preparations for the Lord Mayor's Show. Grey Shire horses Hengist and Horsa are groomed. Pushing the Lord Mayor's coach out. Cleaning coach. Close ups of details of the coach.
Police stables. Brushing horse's feet. Grooming tail. Sweeping floor. Putting saddle on horse. Will be ridden by Lord Marshall. Crowds line the route. Household cavalry. Cubs and Brownies in crowd. VS talks to Lord Mayor - Alderman Lord Mace. VS Smiles. Lord Mayor talks of being elected. Lord Mayor dressed in full regalia without hat. Outside of Guildhall. Red robe, sable on robe. Shown badge and collar.
Talk of Dick Whittington and cat. Cat sits on floor of room they talk in. Black and White. Start of procession - pikemen musketeers and Household Cavalry. Regimental goat. Floats and tableaux. Soldier rides on camel. Traction engine pulling gun carriage. St Bernard dog with barrel round its neck. Royal Marines tableaux. Rupert Bear on a float. BBC float. Marching band. Old fire engine which is horse-drawn and pumps out steam. Regimental sergeant major twirling his baton. Military band. Lord Mayor's coach. getting out of the coach. The Bank of England. Soldiers arrive in evening outside Bank to protect it. They climb out of army truck and line up. Soldiers march into Bank.
Street trader goes through his spiel. man displays tray of crockery - sells at knock-down price and bangs a mallet. This is in Petticoat Lane. Very crowded. People trying to sell things. Doom merchant walks about with banner Flee from the wrath to come. variety of goods - puppies, jewellery. VS talks to a Pearly King. Close up of his shell buttons. On his back is written pearly King City of London. Another doom merchant The End is at hand.
VS tells us about the fire of London by use of drawings. Wren's architectural plans. The Monument. VS at the top. Views of London. Wren churches. St Paul’s cathedral. Inside of St Paul's as choir sings on soundtrack and organ plays. many views of Cathedral inside. St Paul's from over River Thames.
Archive film of German bombers in 1940. Daytime shots of two seater aircraft and of Stuka diver bomber. (Surely incorrect planes for the Blitz)
The London Blitz with red tint. Silhouette of St Paul's.
Ruins of shell of building with VS in it. But lack of money and planning meant building was hotch potch. Modern tower blocks. Messy London skyline.
Streets and commuters. Bank tube station staircase. People descending. City of London Police oversee traffic. Red London bus. Early evening. Quiet streets. Hydrofoil on Thames. Marching procession in Lord Mayor's Parade. mayor leans out of coach smiling. Street trader trying to sell to a crowd.

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