Film: 5371

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Reduction of haemorrhage during surgery 1950's

Surgeon makes three mammary incisions. Anaesthetic equipment, toluene, chloroform. Full-scale mammary operation in progress. Patient transferred from trolley to table. Diagram of circulatory system and sympathetic ganglia. Diagram of blood pressure against use of anaesthesia. Anaesthetized cat with electrodes in throat. Effect of post and pre ganglionic stimulation on pupil dilation. Effect of anaesthesia. Anaesthetic prepares Arfonad (?), hypodermic, lightly anaesthetizes male patient, oxygen mask fitted, insertion of endotracheal tube. Blood pressure taken, hypertensive drug introduced by line, drip started, surgeons proceed with thyroidectomy. Insertion of Catheter. Aortic operation, resection, haemostasis-lumbo dorsal episectomy (?). Nephrectomy, removal of large tumour. Plastic surgery unit. Tilting of patient, repairing cleft lip in 22 year old patient. Mastectomy, to compare with surgery at beginning of film, far less bleeding. The benefits of hypertensive drugs in surgery. Very clear operation package.
40ft An operation with normal blood loss
90ft Physiology of blood pressure control in animated diagrams
191ft Pharmacology of 'Arfonad' by animal experiments
283ft Use in surgery at Westminster Hospital
330ft Anaesthesia induced
362ft Intubation (Macintosh laryngoscope)
395ft Patient wheeled into theatre, lifted onto table and towelled
481ft Thyroidectomy
556ft Prostatectomy
637ft Coarctation of aorta
722ft Thoraco-lumbar sympathectomy
810ft Nephrectomy
869ft Plastic Surgery at East Grinstead
910ft Facial surgery
969ft Radical mastectomy at Westminster Hospital
1018ft Summary - as mastectomy continues

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