Film: 5380

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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U.S.A. Television game show involving advertisements. Bess Myerson and Bob Payne host. Quiz where men tell why women deserve prizes. A great deal of advertising throughout the programme 1950's

Bess and Bob take time off from the show to advertise "Colgate". The female presenter talks to the camera from an aisle in the audience and introduces a fashion parade. Judy Lynn sings a short song. The quiz involves a married couple - she sitting on chair, he standing by her side and answering questions, which may win her 15 or 20 prizes in one go. Advert for "Vel" liquid detergent. Promotion for "S.A.S. airlines". The prizes are displayed throughout the show and include a lot of clothes. Because bespectacled man knows meaning of "astrology" he wins his wife lots of prizes. Fur coats. His final question is "what is the exact length of a U.S. dollar bill?". When he says he's take a stab with and answer of six inches, he is told he is wrong because the correct answer is six and one eighth inches. He loses but he and his wife leave happily. The second half of the show is sponsored by Palmolive soap. Advert demonstrated benefits of "Palmolive". A second couple are introduced. Models demonstrate women's' clothes as prizes. The man, who wears glasses, is unsure as to what animal he would be eating if his wife presented him with suckling, but he answers "baby pig" and jumps up and down in great excitement at getting the answer right - this is very funny. He shakes hand of question-master Bob and kisses his wife.
New "Fab" washing powder is demonstrated. Comparison of white shirts side by side. Deliriously happy woman holds white towel to her face. The whole of this particular sequence runs as follows: female presenter with two female members of the audience. She talks about clothes which are being presented to them. Then she gets to the sales pitch - and of course what she'd like you to do when you get home is to look at the special tags on these garments and fabrics and you'll see they're recommending washing in FAB with new Duratex and here's why: dissolve to pre-recorded sequence of man in a launderette, smartly dressed in suit and tie, he holds up a big box of Fab and says 'The makers of new formula Fab bring you an amazing demonstration'. He walks to a couple of trays of water on a work surface. 'Both these sponges look clean, but one contains hidden dirt. Watch! I'll rinse the clean sponge first. See! Clean Clear Through' (These last three words are captioned on the screen). 'But this one contains hidden dirt'. Female assistant walks up with two white shirts on clothes hangers. 'and it's the same with these two shirts, one washed in New Formula Fab and the other in a product millions use. Both look clean, but one contains hidden dirt. The other is clean clear through. The reason? Just look inside these two washing machines - you'll see that new Fab gets out soil that many ordinary washday products leave behind. It loosens and washes out hidden dirt. See! - clean clear through' (again captioned). 'Whites brighter too. That's a Fab wash. Thanks to new Duratex your Fab wash is soft and fluffy with that Fab fresh smell. Yes! Fab washes clothes Clean Clear Through. Whites whiter too. That's a FAB wash'
When competitor doesn't know in what field Margot Fonteyn and Nijinsky are famous, he has a second chance. A female friend of his is telephoned for the answer, but sadly her reply of "Sport" is wrong. An advert to banish nasty cooking smells.
Excellent late fifties television quiz show. In the whole programme, only four questions are asked.

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