Film: 5383

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Industry and exports of Sweden 1950's

Cockpit of an aircraft. Pilot and co-pilot. Lots of dials and gauges. The aircraft appears to be about to land. Air traffic controller in tower. Cockpit. The aircraft lands. The image is very poor. Air traffic controller speaking to an aircraft. A man signalling to a landing taxiing propeller propelled aircraft. Air traffic control tower. Air traffic controller relaxing ?? Disembarking passengers. They are wearing 1950's clothes. The men have hats on. A man carrying a briefcase with his coat over his arm. A woman with a Scandinavian Air Services bag. A man has his suitcase searched by customs. A man wearing a raincoat and hat carries two suitcases carries two suitcases. A man walks past him while he passes a check-in point. The man who was walking towards the camera stops and greets a seated lady. The man who had his suitcase searched has customs officials examine his rather hefty camera. On it, it says made in Sweden.
Map of Europe. It also shows Greenland, Iceland a fair bit of the U.S.S.R. and the Arctic circle. Crackly commentary. Trees in front of a snow-covered field. Icy waste. Forest with snow on the ground - Siberia? Camera pans over relief map of Europe. North America can be seen. The Gulf stream is shown in the North Atlantic. A woman dives backwards off a diving board. People sailing in a skiff A man and a woman diving. They both do a somersault in the air before hitting the water. Logs landing in a river beside a mill. Ships in a harbour, at dock. A Swedish railway train goes past. A Lapp child in national costume runs off. Sunny fields in rolling countryside. Cows and sheep on hillside. Boats on a river or lake. A church lies on the shore of the water, screened by trees. A procession of Swedes led by a group of violinists. It may be a wedding procession. it is sunny. They are in the country.
Two oldish men in what looks like a steel works. A man walking in a factory in the background a man climbs a ladder. What looks like a barrel going down a conveyor belt in a factory. Something looking like a barrel cut in half on a conveyor belt in a factory. Electricity arcing between two points, like in a Frankenstein film. Something on a conveyor belt apparently entering a furnace. Factory machinery. Doctors and nurses operating on a patient. The person control the anaesthetic turns a couple of dials. A lighthouse and cranes silhouetted against an evening sky. A foghorn sounds. The camera pans across a ship. It looks like a ferry. A short, pipe-like piece of metal is raised from what looks like a tank of water. Swedish industry places an emphasis on quality. A pipe-like piece of metal seen in section in factory. A man pushes it along. A smaller pipe-like piece of metal being examined by an engineer. Workers going home, a wintry background, a caterpillar tractor dragging logs through the snow in a forest. Working on a building site as snow falls. A train in wilderness passes the camera. It has a snow plough attached to the engine. Ships at sea. An ice-breaker ? Looking over the side of a ship, we see the ship's anchor and ice.
A large piece of metal is lowered in a shipyard, by a half-built ship. Map showing Sweden. Sweden's economy is based on timber, metal ores, power and men with technical imagination. Two workers in a factory poring over a document. They are in a steelworks. A furnace. A man working on a machine in a tool-making factory . Behind him, a man looks at a plan. A shipyard worker hammering rivets into a joist. Men in a wood-pulp or paper factory beside some big machines. A car drives down a road by a river. On the far side of the river is a forest. Nearly 60% of Sweden is covered by forest. Charcoal burners at work in a forest. A bear in a forest. Some sort of game bird in a forest - although it may be a hawk or falcon. An elk, reindeer or caribou in a forest. A falling tree. A squirrel. A game bird.
Falling tree. Log going down a flue. (Chute?) Logs going down the flue. On either side of the flue is forest. Lots of logs against the banks of a river. Logs floating down a river. Lots of logs in pens on a river. A log going to a timber mill travels along a conveyor belt. Men with poles directing logs. A sawmill. A fully-mechanised sawmill. A crane. Lots of logs on a river. Men walking across them. A picture of wood pulp seen through a microscope. Wagons of wood going a long wires similar to a ski lift in front of a factory. A car passes in front of an hotel. It looks like an old Volvo. A tug goes down a river; behind it is a factory. A crane moving logs. A man in a power station with lots of dials. He's adjusting one. A power station or factory. A forklift truck moves goods. Behind it, ships lie at harbour. A crane lifts goods onto a ship. Another forklift truck passes the camera.
Men working in a paper factory - they are beside a huge roll of paper. They pull paper off a roll. A man studies some paper to asses its quality. Man and machines in a paper mill. Men in a papermill making fine paper, made by hand in the old way. Men in a paper mill beside a large roll of paper. Machines making newsprint. A crane moving a large number of logs; in the background there is a huge pile of logs. There are a lot of by-products of wood pulp. The crane sets the logs down. Women lounging by a river opposite a paper mill. They join their boyfriends in the river. One of the boyfriends walks into some reeds beside the river.
A factory. Children playing on a roundabout. A mother watches them. Factories in the background. Children on a see-saw. Houses in the background. A mother walking with a young child. Detached houses with trees about them - a village. Beside it is a forest. A forest in a forest. Selected seeds and plants. A forest. Metal refinery. Flames in what seems to be a steelworks. Steelworks silhouetted against flames. Flames in a steelworks. A cliff explodes. A cloud of dust behind the arm of a digger. A digger loads rubble into a truck. A man walking along railway tracks. He lifts a lever to change some points. A lake. A steam train passes in front of it . It is pulling cars full of iron ore. An iron ore train passes by in front of a lake. Miners by an underground railway in an iron ore mine. A train carrying iron ore passes by. A miner working at the iron ore face. Men working in a steelworks. Flames in a steelworks. A man in a steelworks, flames behind him. Inside a steel mill. Smoke and flames in a steel mill. Boxes full of molten steel. Inside a steel-mill. A vat of molten steel. Looking into a furnace. Two men look into it. A scientist in a laboratory has put a sample into a piece of equipment. he goes over to a computer. A crane carrying a large piece of red hot steel. It puts it on a conveyor belt. A man at the controls of a machine. The red hot steel moves along the conveyor belt. A long flat strip of molten steel moves along a conveyor belt. A long cylinder of steel goes through a machine. It is lifted up by mechanical arms and goes onto a conveyor belt. It moves off. A hollow cylinder of steel on a machine. A graph behind some examples of the produce of the steel mills. A steel worker cold rolling steel.
The mechanism of a watch. A very small watch mechanism is picked up between a man's thumb and forefinger. People on a ski lift. A ship, the Seattle, behind a Swedish flag. A surgeon operating. A man leaning on a machine in a steelworks. A man working on a machine in a steel-mill. Workers by a furnace in a steel-mill. An overflowing vat of molten steel in a steel-mill. An overflowing vat of molten steel in a steel-mill. Shelves of books - patents. A bust in a patent library. A man looking at books on a shelf. A woman takes a book off the shelf and hands it to him. He opens it, puts it on a table and sits down. He looks through the book. A set of tools - spanners, pipe wrench - assorted tools. A primus stove. A couple of camping stoves. A canister of gas. A gas camping light. A gas light lighting. A gas light with lots of flames. A lighthouse in the evening. The lighthouse's lamp. A lamp. A lamp. It flashes. The lighthouse lamp's mechanism rotating. An early telephone. An early telephone. Early telephones. A woman lifts a 1950's telephone. She dials it. The mechanism of a telephone exchange. Wires in a telephone exchange.
A De Laval Baby cream separator Style Number 3. A modern cream separator - an Alfa-Laval. Pipes and dials in a factory. A cow is milked by machine. An imposing building - a college or research institute. Corn in a field. People in a field. There are different types of corn in it. It may be an agricultural research centre. Cows in a field. Cattle in a field. Cows in a field, woods behind them. Harvesting corn with tractors. A crane loading a ship. Packets of butter. Labelled Ruv Smor Cheeses. A worker by a packaging machine. A computer keyboard. A man lifts a microchip?? and puts it on some sort of gauge. A truck being loaded onto a ship. a military aircraft. It is taxiing. It takes off and flies away. Workers building a military aircraft, a fighter. They are in an aircraft factory where many aircraft are being assembled. A worker operating a press. A watermill wheel. An old pistol, cannonballs and a couple of swords. A cannon on runners. Pistols, rifles - one with a telescopic sight. A Bofors anti-aircraft gun. The turret rotates. A variety of drill bits. Drilling metal. A typewriter and old adding machine. Sewing machines. A well-stocked fridge inside an atomic power plant.
Forests, with mountains in the background. Inside a train. A waiter attends to some people. A woman and man squeeze past him in the aisle. Women having tea. Mountains seen from the train. A glass with a picture of a naked woman's back on it on a table in the train. A woman is poured a cup of coffee. The waiter offers coffee to the man sitting opposite her, who declines. By the window of the dining car is a small Swedish flag. By the woman sits a small child. Passengers in the dining car having a meal. Looking out of the train window - a lake, forest and mountains in the distance. Women working in a fishing rod factory. A man working on reels for the rods. A man pushes a padded chair. In the background is another chair. A woman working on a small loom. A man looking at some Swedish glass.
A river. Rapids or waterfall. Rapids. Waterfall. Rapids or waterfall. A lit lightbulb. A machine which turns electricity into power. Electricity cables above a railway. An electric train. Inside a factory. Above the factory floor hangs a loudspeaker. It may be part of a mine or the control room for an underground power station. Workers building an underground power station. Workers drilling a wall to create a large enough cavity to accommodate an underground power station. Electricity cables with insulators. Electricity pylons. Electricity pylons. Inside a rolling mill. Steel and aluminium being made into cables. A man working in a rolling mill. Steel reinforced aluminium cable. The cable in place in the countryside. Swedish lightweight rock-drilling equipment in operation underground. A man drilling a rock face underground. The building site for the underground power station. Lightweight rock-drilling equipment in action underground. Coils of cable in packing cases in front of warehouses. A forklift carrying a packed coil of cable drives towards the camera. A man working in an automated rolling mill. He climbs up some steps and looks at some dials. Swedish iron ore on a conveyor belt being loaded onto a ship. Ore-carrying ships at harbour. A shipwright with ship's plans in a shipyard. Around him there are shipyard workers welding. A crane lowers a piece of metal, assisted by a shipyard worker. Workers welding in a shipyard. A section of a ship. Launching a ship. A bottle of champagne breaks against it. It slides into the sea. The Swedish flag on a pole. An American flag, Union Jack, Finnish flag, Danish ? flag. Below them, people in smart clothes eating outside. Four middle-aged people, three woman and a man, sitting at a table with food on it by a dock ? Shipyard? Cranes in the background. A harbour. Ships at dock, fishing boat in foreground. A tug sails in front of a ship. A liner and tug pass in front of a camera. The Reine Astrid, registered in Gothenburg at dock. A crane lifts a load of timber. What looks like dust falls out of a tube by a ship lowering cargo onto a ship. Moored ships, in front the Cicero. Cranes are behind them. The Seattle, a Swedish flag. The Yikaren ? moored. A tug releases a ship, the Seattle. The Seattle leaves the port. Passengers disembarking from a liner. Smartly dressed men walk away from a chauffeur driven car. A boy or man fishing, in the background a seaplane. A mounted military band. They are in a city - probably Stockholm They pass a Union Jack and polar bear. Credits. Map of Europe.

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