Film: 5385

Education | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Science education programme filmed at the Northfield House Primary School in Leicester. Follows the children conducting science experiments in the local environment 1960's

Leicester traffic driving along a quiet town road. Small van coming around a bend with a corner shop in view. View of litter strewn among grass. An old lady walking down a road. Stray dog. A brick wall. Rows of post-war houses. Class of children walking down a road. Two boys in close up talking, pointing and taking notes. Same boys looking at gravel from the ground. Small group of children pointing up at a telegraph pole. Moss and fungus being picked from a wall. Outside view of B. Ingamells grocer shop.

Close up of teacher. Marks on a spider diagram noting landmarks on the street. Girl drawing a banana. Orange being cut in half. Young boy inspects half an apple and counts the pips. Girl painting picture of moss using an old school palatte and paintbrush. Boy in uniform drips water on tarmac with a paintbrush. Tar dropped into a metal bucket of water. View of an cement experiment write up. Children skid along a frozen playground. Inside the classroom with girls sat in fours around a desk writing. Weighing a grapefruit. Using washers to weigh the fruit. Close up of grapefruit experiment write up. Boy peers down a microscope at an example of mouldy fruit. Girls inspecting tree bark with moss on it through a microscope.

Nicholas, a boy in uniform, places some tar samples on a bunsen burner and watches it melt. He pokes at tar with the end of a paintbrush. View of a classroom display showing the tar experiment-two round blocks of tar with gravel in them. Children outside observing a hole in the road that revealed a water pipe; Nicholas takes samples of road. A foreman smoking a pipe fixes a hydrant into the hole - workmen are from Leicester Water. Water gushing from the hydrant as children stand on pavement looking on. Jean measures large concrete pipes. Colourful tops spinning. Sign indicating that the children have arrived at the Loughborough reservoir. View of the reservoir. Child climbs down a ladder into the inspection tunnel.

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