Film: 5386

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Drug production 1970's

making pills.
Doctor injects drug.
parallel bars,
man fails to get key in door,
pill manufacture,
man on slimming pill,
girl goes to a party,
hippies take pills,
morphine injected to soldiers in World War Two.
Man injects heroin in loo.
on a roulette table.
Man cleans a Rolls-Royce car. Cleaning a Rolls Royce car
Youths with flared trousers walk along the road.
Teenager takes amphetamines,
body's reaction.
Boy injects drug and becomes psychotic,
door is blocked-up with chairs,
housewife on drugs,
pusher at work on lonely man.
Lots of disco dancing and couple kiss or snog on dance floor.
Man suffers consequences.
Cold turkey.
Man is on a ship in navy.
He breaks into sickbay.
He collapses in sick bay.
LSD man on 'trip' dances on his own. Photos from Beatles Whie Album on the wall.
Underground magazines close ups - Rolling Stone,
International times and OZ.
Timothy Leary 'Psychedelic Experience' a book.
George Harrison's words on LSD quoted by narrator - George's poster on a wall.
Jets engineer.
'Politics of Ecstasy', Timothy Leary.
Drug deal in London café.
Man on LSD.
Representation of effects of good trip.
Cannabis, various names.
Rolling a joint, woman rolls and smokes passes to friend.
Doctor takes liquid cannabis as an experiment and goes berserk.
Two squaddies.
People smoking cannabis in German bars.
Soldier has girlfriend they share reefers, he smokes on duty his friend does not report him.
He drives while stoned.
Car crash, two dead.
Various armed services.

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