Film: 5389

Feature Drama | 1960 | Silent + Sound | B/W


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Soft pornography with three different women seducing men and the shaky excuse that the good doctor is trying to help these poor women overwhelmed by their sexual urges ! 1960's

First scenario
Carpet salesman visits bored "I Dream of Jeannie" clad housewife. She looks at his carpet sample book, sitting very close then touching him. She then leads him into the bedroom. She does a sexy undressing in front of him and seduction shots. They roll about a bit on the bed, lots of kissing and undressing. ( No actual sex scenes, as such! )
Scenario Two
Young, glamorous woman and older man kissing on expensive sofa. Surprise, surprise, they end up in the bedroom. Man undresses woman while lying on the bed and kissing. He admires, then puts on her bra and earrings, get up, admires himself in the mirror then gets back into bed with her. Then slowly puts on her black stockings and suspender belt while she watches his fascination with being a transvestite. They kiss on the bed while he is dressed in all her underwear.
Scenario Three
"Doctor" Henri Lang MD speaks of his patients sexual problems. He is a sex therapist or sexologist. Some women are just not getting enough to satisfy them so they become nymphomaniacs. They resort to nymphomania to get sexual satisfaction Woman trying and succeeding to seduce hotel bellboy. She answers the door in a revealing negligee. Bellboy tries to escape but gets pulled back into bed. They roll around kissing and she kisses his body...later he leaves with his clothes while she sleeps.

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