Film: 5394

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | Colour


A career in the Royal Navy 1970's.

Housing estate around Balfron Tower in Poplar in East London, (similar in style to Trellick Tower), shot looking south west towards what is now the Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach, boys walking home from school days before their last day at school.
Family at table, mother serving breakfast, family bickering. They discuss their future careers / jobs. They run from a factory. School-leaver deciding upon a career. Traffic, factories, run-down buildings. Family (evening) - mother knitting; father (Bill Treacher) reads newspaper on sofa; girl watching television. Brother talks about his apprenticeship. Younger brother states that he is going into the Navy. Interview for job in Royal Navy: officer explains the options open to the young man. Explains he will be going through one of the best apprenticeships in the country. Training in Fisgard, Cornwall: obstacle or assault course; apprentices in classroom, using lathes, in sail boats, boxing, marching, using electronic equipment in a classroom, dancing at a disco, being inspected at passing out parade and then marching in dress uniform. The apprentice returns to his home town, is met by friend, talks about his training at Collingwood, shots of radars. Two young women walking and talking about fashion, they meet up with the two friends. Interior of cadet's room with Abba poster. Apprentices aboard an aircraft carrier. Missiles, radio room, ship refuelling at sea, control room (computers), cadets installing electronic components, submarine emerging from sea, helicopter on board ship. The apprentice returns for a family visit and discovers that the brother who laughed at him when he announced that he was to join the Navy is now doing the same.

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