Film: 540

Railways | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Last Train Abergavenny To Merthyr Tyfil South Wales 1950's

A Stevenson Locomotive Society Special to celebrate the end of the Abergavenny to Merthyr line, taking in scenes at Ebbw Vale High level Station (LNWR), Govilon and Merthyr. Welsh valleys line The train was double headed by LNWR Bowen-Cooke 0-8-0 number 49121 and LNWR Webb 0-6-2T coal tank number 58926 of 1882 vintage, now preserved at the Keithley and Worth Valley Railway.
SLS railway engine slowly trundles towards camera. It has a plaque on the front denoting it is the last train, and the date 5th January, 1958. Engine 58926 with number clearly visible. The driver leans from the cab. The engine and tender slowly steam in reverse towards the railway sheds. Good low shot of engine travelling slowly forwards. Engine pulling at least two carriages leaving a station watched by a couple of spectators.
Another sign on front of train 'Last Train Ebbw Vale & Rhymney Branches 5th Jan 1958'. People including train enthusiasts rush along platform and board train. Train leaves station as several people lean out of the windows. One waves at camera. Govilon Station sign. Crowded station platform as camera slowly pans to show steam train entering station. Double-headed train. Engines pass under stone bridge. Lots of steam. The train in the countryside filmed from one side of a valley. Both engines pouring out steam. Ebbw Vale High Level Station. Train passing under stone bridge as it appears to be slowing down. People on the bridge looking at the train. Static train with engine driver leaning out of his cab talking to people. Twenty or so train spotters (all men) crowd together taking photographs of (presumably) the engine. The men all wear overcoats, and they do not look very like paparazzi. Train reversing.

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