Film: 5402

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Building in Northern England 1950's

Cumberland,Village of Severam? House on hill.
Large building projects. Civil engineering. Coal reduction mill in South Wales under construction. Long views of construction site - men with wheelbarrows. Reinforced concrete. Steel cage built for cement. Concrete pumped by pipeline. Laing lorries. Men shovel concrete. Factory in Darlington of Patents and Baldwin? Is a knitting wool factory. Statistics about building. Brabazon airliner and one and three quarter mile long runway at Filton,Bristol. Headquarters of BOAC on A4 (Great West Road). Middlesex County Hospital, Shenley in Hertfordshire (opened 1934) Carrington's Coppice, Derbyshire opencast coal mine. Big diggers and shovels.
Power station in Carlisle. Plymouth - generating station for British Electricity Authority. Men digging by hand in large pit full of water. Foundations. Wharf and river intake works. Cement works at Shoreham in Sussex under construction.

Many houses under construction - The easy-form permanent house. Estates. Gosforth Plymouth estate of "Easyform" houses ( not bricks and mortar). Man walks past privet hedge. Construction of house. Scaffolding. Cavity walls. Building site in early stages. Roads built. Men lower manhole into position. Building water mains. Laying pipes. Drainage ditches. Putting solder in gap between two pipes. Laying roads. Bulldozer levelling land and removing plants. Machine digs trench and conveyer buckets carry earth off. Bucket trenching machine, used for making drainage ditches and foundation trenches. Levelling of foundations by sight-line. Cavity walls. Erecting scaffolding. Laying damp course. Rolling it out. Erecting shutters for concrete filling. Using spirit level. Making the cavity. Putting fireplace in. Blue print map of estate site. Cranes load sand, clinker and cement into cement mixing plant on the site. Grab unloads aggregate into main hopper. Mixing concrete. Adding sacks of cement, Dumper truck filled with cement. Man shovels cement into wheelbarrow. Hoist lifted and wheelbarrow unloaded into cavity wall. Compacting concrete with stick. Demonstration of compacting concrete through plate glass. Packing cement in chimney breast. Precasting window sills. Concrete flue- gathering blocks. Using spirit level on chimney. Placing wall ties in gap in wall. Constructing next two foot section of house. Fixing string tie. Pouring bucket of wet gravel over lower wall to bond with next days cement. Site agent and map on wall in his office. 'Work completed chart".
Surveying. Preparing hard-core. Scaffold frames on back of lorry. Smoothing cement on new road. Removing lower shutters to reveal concrete face of first lift. Big metal rod cutters cut steel reinforcing rods. Inserting rods in wall. Larger lorry with timber. Carpenter and joiner. Saws. Joists. Creosoting ends of joists and wrapping them in bituminous felt. Carrying joists. Carpenters fitting joists. Man lifts first floor joist over scaffolding. Fitting joists. Oiling shutters. Removing wooden mould from chimney breast. Hauling wheelbarrow on hoist up to next level. Inserting hose in cavity to wash it out. "Easyform" employs unskilled labour. Insulation material inserted in cavity. Roofing. Timber lifted to roof. Steel window frames inserted into openings. Laying roofing felt. Tiles unloaded from lorry. Man carries tiles on his head. Man carries ladder with tiles on his head. Prefabricated staircases carried to the house. Man paints outside of house - Tyrolean finish of colour mix provided by hand-held machine. Plan of site.
Building site in Hollington estate at Hastings, Sussex. Plan of two semi-detached houses. Finished houses on estate. Two babies in pram in front garden. Slums and slum housing and cramped conditions shown. Cramped courtyards. Lots of washing on washing lines. But the "Easyform" house allows " housewife plenty of elbow-room for chores" - lines of washing in pleasant surroundings. Estate with flower beds in front. Porches, gardens full of roses.
Carlton House Terrace in The Mall. "Royal Crescent of Bath" in close up.
Turn of century roofs of houses and crowded terraces. Lots of chimney pots.
Cul-de-sac with shooting-brake car with wooden back half driving down hill. Large apartment block in a town. Countryside cottages. Weather boarded country cottage painted white. Panoramic sweep of building site. Easyform houses can be semi-detached or terraced - we see four-house terrace. House with gabled-end. Other with hipped-roof. Outhouses. Good views from the estate. Some towns (Accrington, Gosport and Cambridge) built five "Easyform" estates. Map shows where houses are built. Plymouth and Carlisle had six contracts. Bristol has 11 contracts for Easyform housing. Easyform is not prefabricated. Various estates in the sunshine. Council housing estates. Red bus on estate.

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