Film: 5405

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Ironing and how the iron works and a Housewife tackling the ironing pile then moving on to other tedious household tasks 1940's

V/o Have you ever thought how an iron works, with film of woman standing at an ironing board, wearing an apron and ironing.
Illustration of the inside of an iron and how it heats up. Then stills of iron and how it's basically built.
2'36 Back to woman ironing - she checks heat by throwing drops of water onto the base. But thermostatic iron does it for you - stills of thermostatic iron.
5'03" Cs woman turning thermostat on iron. Various instructions about the iron and it's controls. End of Part 1

Part 2 How to Use the Iron

5'35 (V/O now woman's) demonstration of usage,
Woman in dressing gown rolling up clothes - putting them in groups according to temperature needed.

Woman starts ironing rayon petticoat - quite tedious details of doing clothes damp, iron seams first and so on. Then how to iron silk things…..then folds and hangs clothes…..there's more to life……
Trousers have to have a crease - damp cloth over item

Last word of warning - don't wrap wire round iron whilst still hot.

10'51 The Electrical circuit of the House

Boy returns home in evening and goes into 30's house - turns on light without thinking, schoolboy in hall. To find out about household circuit let's start outside the house.
Ext of house and garden and man working in trench laying the main cable into the central distribution system of the house - here it is. Shot of fusebox.

Intertitle A Simple Electrical Circuit.

A simple circuit. Man holds a battery and small bulb to create circuit. Illustration to show how this works.

Intertitle What the meter does
Illustration of how this works, shot of an electric fire and how much electricity it uses.Shows the meter moving next to it.
13'59 Man in overalls standing by the meter and the main switch or fuse box
Diagrams of this. Shot of big fuse being put into the box by electrician.

Intertitle The Two Way Switch.

Young boy comes down stairs and switches on light - need extra contact switches. Boy comes down stairs again. Man sits at desk and puts on lamp - v/o about voltage of bulbs. Cs bulb and overhead light. Electrician works on wires under floorboards, lovely looking light switch on the wall.
More diagrams.
18'40 woman wearing apron in kitchen next to the cooker - which has its own electrical supply. Shots of pans on cooker - kitchen looks very bare no units in it. Shots of power sockets and people putting in plugs and pulling them out.
Woman sits in easy chair using a hair drier, pan over to electric clock on the mantlepiece. Shot of electric kettle, a very antiquated boiler for washing and an electric fire. Man pulls out plug - v/o re earth in wires and then more diagrams.
20'05 Man and woman sit next to an electric fire, she's sewing and he's reading a book.

Simple Electrical Repairs at Home
20'53" Family sit round table having breakfast. Father asks in a posh accent - is there any more toast? Mother says I'll go and make some. She brings over the toaster to the table and then stands on her chair to plug it into the overhead light socket. Father "You know we really shouldn't use that for the toaster we have got the wall sockets.
Mother" I know but you haven't fitted proper plug on the toaster yet…" Then the wire fuses Woman and young girl go into kitchen to make toast and father talks to boy about how to fix this - need screwdriver and pair of pliers.
Woman and girl in kitchen - she switches off main switch. They look at meter and how much electricity they have used. Girl says but what's happened, mother says it's so hard to explain narrator takes over with more diagrams.
26'27 Back to the woman and girl - Now we must find the fuse, pulls it out and shows the girl where it's melted. Now we must find some new fuse wire, long sequence where girl fixes new fuse wire. Checks how father is getting on.
Man shows how to fit a new plug, long sequence and close up of plug. Young boy plugs in toaster and mr plummy the father says you can use the toaster in the proper place now Peggy. Young girl switches on the mains switch. Light comes on and their toast is ready

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