Film: 5410

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Continuing story of Germaine and Breval who are apart and unhappy. Shot of Marseille harbour: tall ships, horse drawn carriages. Interior of bar: filthy barman 'cleans' glasses, man playing accordion, it is busy and smokey. On quayside families say farewell to sailors before they board 'The Sea Shine' in Marseille, France, Europe harbour. Daisy, the 'Sea Shine's captain's daughter, struggles up harbour steps with a large bag. Breval goes to help her but her fierce independance will not allow her to accept this offer. 'The Sea Shine' departs, crowds wave, children weep. On board a sail is being unfurled while Tony Gennarello the Italian, and the ship's cook vie for Daisy's affection. 'Sea Shine' in full sail. Sailors crowd around a corpse, it is assumed it was a stowaway. A band, The Cracker Jacks, playing in French club. Couples dancing, shot of Germaine at a table with a man. Back on 'Sea Shine' Tony is playing guitar while the cook sharpens his knife. Cook throws soft fruit at Tony then sneaks away. Tony and cook argue in the ship's kitchen and then begin to fight until exhausted. Cook puts hand on hob (plenty of slapstick here). Daisy and Breval talk, Breval looks sad. Daisy with puppies. Engel, an enormous blond sailor, is ill in a bed below deck, he struggles to his feet, is supported by other sailors, then discovers he is blind.

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