Film: 5415

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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The Chinese community in Canada in the 1960's

Amnesty of illegal immigrants. 60,000 Chinese community in Canada. Hong Kong, Asia stemming the "Yellow Tide". Hong Kong border river with China is main way in. 50 people a day arrive legally, Cantonese speakers only. British governor talks about problem. Says they want to stay in Hong Kong. Building boom. Harbours, slum housing. Robert Gressian also talks about immigration. Animals in Canada. Health check. China town in Canada. Chinese restaurants, cooks, Chinese Christmas. Shopkeepers are asked their opinions. Discrimination discussed. Methods of illegal entrance, people not taking advantage of amnesty because you have to 'squeal' on the agents who are usually relatives. Chinese factory, business man talks French.

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