Film: 5419

Railways | 1940 | Sound | Colour


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A short history of the steam locomotive and an extensive study of locomotive construction in Britain 1940's

There are shots of British Railways 'K1' class 2-6-0 Nos 62012 and 62015 coming off the production lines, a Bulleid British Railways West Country Pacific locomotive leaving Waterloo, a Beyer-Garratt leaving Gorton works and various steam locomotives on overseas railways, including a 2ft 6in gauge wood burner and steam locomotive on Indian Railways.
"Golden Arrow" steam locomotive under way, city, then countryside in background (2.05); Historical development of steam locomotion from 1803 to 1927, illustrated with stills; Richard Trevithick and his tram engine; Rack Locomotive; W. Hedley's "Puffing Billy"; Locomotion No. 1; Rainhill trials 1829; the Royal Scot (5.49); Locomotive No 62012 leaving the workshop (6.14); Loco design in workshops (6.28); General views of drawing offices; (6.44) manufacturing wooden patterns; casting of parts in iron; (7.56) steel foundry; pouring steel from a steel furnace; (9.18) forging hot bloom of steel into connecting rod, using an automatic hammer and shaping tools, intercut with close up forgeman's face (10.14) Close up connecting rod lifted out of heat treatment and lowered into oil tank; (10.45) testing parts for tensile strength; diamond pyramid hardness test; metallurgist examines microscopic structure of steel; pan over laboratory (11.54); Pressing plate into a firebox throat plate; rolling a thick plate into a cylindrical boiler part; construction of boiler, drilling and riveting boiler plates (14.37) gvs boiler mounting shop (14.58) further views of cylinder casting processes; casts are machined and tested; ms boring machine, Close up operation (15.48) brief introductions to various machines, each shown machining locomotive parts; gas cutter; planer miller; three headed frame slotter; boring machine, employing a colour guide to operation; miller; horizontal surface grinder; plough polishers; gang planing of axle boxes; reversing link grinder; six-thimble automatic; high speed axle turning lathe; tyre borers (19.34); General views of locomotive erecting shops, showing assembly of locomotive from machined parts; lowering the boiler assembly of a Garrett articulated locomotive onto its wheels; valve setting (22.22) nearly complete locomotive undergoes steam testing; locomotive moves under its own steam, to the paint shop (22.54) exts. Factory; ints. Erecting shop, showing that locos are packed closely together; [slightly shaky] tracking shot from travelling overhead crane (24.25); Workers leaving yard, possibly North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow [Glasgow Corporation bus briefly visible] (24.42); Diesel locomotive construction, general views of diesel engines in yard (25.31); Steam wood-burning loco; articulated loco; crane loco [of the Clyde Alloy Steel Co.]; "fireless" loco; shunting engine (26.37); Loading locomotive by crane onto cargo ship; locomotives waiting at docks; Meadowbank Granary visible in b/ground (27.22); Map of world export routes. Steam loco in Indian railway station (possibly Howrah?); Victoria falls; railway bridge (28.35); General views of steam locos underway, in different parts of the world (28.49).

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