Film: 5422

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Items in France 1960's

Ballet, (bizarre artists), puppets and car:
(1) Les Ballets Felix Blaska
Avant-garde ballet company at practise and rehearsal.
(2) Dubuffet - "Les Practables"
Dubuffet, merchant the 46. We see him and work on his pictures and
artefacts. "Rebels against (…) conventions". Draws on blackboard and then cuts
one shapes." It's not a (…) to look at but to (…)".
(3) Les Marionettes / (…)
Children at Infant School watch (…) duck, then at a block character in a sail-boat.
(…) seen elsewhere - aged couple discuss (…) in bed. We see (…)
backstage."Many marionettes shown (to "Rite of Spring"!). Bizarre figures a le
(Pilete) Francois Cevents.
(4) 1962 - Racing motorist - scenes at race - cars and drivers preparing. Shots of
Covent running in the country. Cars seen racing through Monaco. Prince Rainier
and Princess Grace look on. (This was 30th Grand Prix). (Brahms 4th Symphonie
in background).

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