Film: 5423

Industry + Work | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Lloyds Insurance company 1980's

A busy control room. Hands moving dials and switches. A rocket takes off. A pen nib writes a monetary number and a words with large flourishes. Digital countdown numbers. Famous footage of the burning ring falling off the spaceship. A close-up of a stamp on a white sheet of paper. A astronaut uses a dropper to drink a blob of fluid that floats in the air in zero gravity. Astronauts write in zero gravity in the interior of the space shuttle. Sheets of lines and blanks filled out with calculations. An astronaut in his spacesuit on the exterior of the space ship. The spaceman floats outside of the spaceship. The astronauts manoeuvre the satellite into place. The astronaut floats beside the satellite.
The glass atrium of a large building headquarters of Lloyd's Bank, London, at one Lime Street, escalators switch back to the different floors, the floors are open to the centre of the building. The floor of the main building is a large open plan office, with desks covered with papers surrounding the bright open central area. Two men in a business meeting, a secretary in a red dress sits beside one of them, they open their portfolios as they discuss business. Good side shots of people going up and down escalators, moving up the centre of the escalator well and moving past escalators. The camera moves up an escalator. Men talk in a business meeting, one of them makes a joke and the other laughs heartily.
The underwriter area on the floor, lots of desks, talking between colleagues and paper shuffling, a very busy office. A woman in a 1980s floral dress with shoulder pads sits at a desk with a woman in the complete opposite outfit, black skirt suit. A banker talks about the role of a underwriter. Insurance brokers and underwriters discuss deals in the marketplace of Lloyds bank. The caller, in a red robe with a black collar talks into a microphone in a sing song voice and looks at a computer screen as he calls out shipping news. The ceremonial bell, to signal the loss of a ship. A massive wave washes up on rocks on the coast. A good shots of a dangerously rocky coastline. Paintings of old 17th century ships. Plague showing the location of Lloyds coffee house. Rough seas, massive waves. More rough seas, between paintings of men in tricorn hats and wrecked ships. A modern coffee canteen, two men talk at a table, their coffee cups in front of him. Close-up pouring teas form a coffee pot, or teapot. A painting of a wrecked ship. Large white waves. The modern contemporary architecture of one Lime Street, the Lloyds headquarters opened in 1986. A vertical shot up the exterior side of the Lloyds building, going up, up up above the roofs of most of the city. Palm trees bend in a tropical storm. Footage of hurricane Alitsia, Fredrick and Betsy. A car drives down the street as siding is torn off a petrol station and is blow along the street. Cars are covered with water from flooding in the hurricane. Aluminium siding is blow over the street, it hits cars. The wind and rain is extremely powerful. Red cross workers pull a earthquake survivor out of the rubble of a building. Diggers work at pilling concrete rubble into dumptrucks to be taken away. A bucket brigade of people in masks and hard hats pass along buckets of concrete bits and chucks of metal. Firemen carry the body of the earthquake victim over the remains of a destroyed building. The Concorde flies low, lower until it lands on the run way, where a heat haze rises from the hot tarmac.
A British motorway, possibly the M1, coaches, cars, lorries and truck all drive on the split highway. Car crashes and accidents. Still, a car hits a motorcycle. A car crash, a car on fire, a car off the road up to its axles in a water ditch. A destroyed car on the trailer of a tow truck.
Stills of rock climbers. A professional skier hitting air as he comes over a hill. Stills of the beginning of the London Marathon. An older man with his arms around the necks of two other runners. Still of an airplane on the runway. A wedding reception with tents outside. A white French poodle. Ostentatious jewellery. Two stately homes, one with fallow deer in front of it. A television. In a brown, dark living room. A couple, the man with a mullet and the woman with some punky hair, walk outside a housing complex. They sit in a an office, talking to an insurance broker. They describe the house's contents. The insurance woman suggests they insure with ..Lloyds!! She calls the Lloyds broker. The underwriter goes through the couples insurance policy with one of his clerks. Clerks going through enormous sums of money and making insurance deals.

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