Film: 5424

Geography | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Construction projects in 1950's Australia and Asia

Australian flag flying
Men working on a tall building structure. Builders from Australia and Asia. An Australian demonstrates to a group of Asian men, using a model building. Asian street scene. Busy market stalls and traders. Street kids in a shanty town. People in Karachi washing clothes by hand in a concrete area. Goat herd holding up traffic. A camel pulling a cart. Indian policeman directing traffic. Camels pulling loads. Trading boats tied up in the river. Close ups of men from various Asian countries - "Australia's new neighbours".

Fields of crops with mountains in the background. Physical map of Asia. Political map of Asian countries in the Colombo aid plan - "the stronger nations helping the weaker ones for security". The negotiators around a table. The banks of the Indus. Trading boats travelling down the river, Asia's lifeblood. The waters need to be controlled. A flooding river. Waters destroying river banks. "Warrior tribesmen" digging flood ditches and drilling, under the supervision of Canadian engineers. A tribesman driving a tractor. A dam under construction. Two tribesmen herding camels. Dry land becomes plentiful fields after irrigation. The ruins of an ancient building and statue. Dam building by locals. The Ganges delta. A farmer operates a manual see-saw which transfers water from one field to the next. Two locals pedal a machine which brings water up a slope into a field. The narration calls it an old method - "picturesque and ingenious". On a different farm a peasant in a wide-brimmed hat has a machine which does the same job but is powered. A white engineer shows a farmer how to use a modern machine. Water being run into an irrigated field. A ploughman and ox plough the flooded field. Asian women harvest corn by hand. A farm worker walks up a grain mound and empties another basket onto it. Workers carrying baskets of grain up a gangway. Each one empties the basket onto a grain mountain. A large Asian family eating dinner around a low table. Children eating with their hands.

A flooded rice field. Asian children running into the river, babies being washed in the river. Women walking down to the river with pots on their heads which they fill and carry back. A fisherman casts a net and draws it in by hand. A new hospital built on a hill. Australian nurses in this Kuala Lumpur hospital training Asian girls. The nurses stand around a patient in a bed and an empty operating table. A new public health clinic set up to help fight tuberculosis. A sign outside reads "this building was constructed and equipped from funds gifted by the Australian government under the Colombo plan". A patient being x-rayed by an Asian doctor. An Asian doctor wearing a fez examines the x-ray photograph. A small girl is led over to a Sikh doctor, wearing a white turban, who vaccinates her. Babies and children being vaccinated by Asian medical staff in the field. The veranda of a hospital in Java. Crippled children, one with his leg in a cast, are walking using Australian walking frames. They are being walked by medical staff and followed by a young man who is wearing an artificial leg. The little girl with the walking frame walks very close to the camera. A row of Asian men tilling soil. They are patients of the same hospital. Some have artificial arms. A game of basketball played by men in wheelchairs.
Schoolchildren in uniform walking along a country path accompanied by teachers carrying sun umbrellas. The children look intently at the camera as they pass. A chemistry class taught by an Australian. Teachers by blackboards. Buddhist monks at a monastery are taught by an Australian to speak English. He opens and closes his hand to indicate how they should pronounce words. A monk mimics the movement of the teacher's hand with his mouth. A woodworking class - "Asians learn fast, craftsmanship is in their blood". Hand-powered lathes operated by elderly Asian men. A young Asian student using an electric lathe. A medical research centre. Students study solutions in flasks and microscopes. A contemporary building - a university built by the Colombo plan. Students in a college library. A girl picks a book on Australia from the shelf. A college building in traditional surroundings. Asian students at Australian universities: in laboratories, workshops, lectures. An Australian brown rock expert helps miners in Siam. Mining machinery digging up coal. A tin mine. Miners brush ore along a dammed stream and shovel it into buckets at the end. Giant pipes being made with Australian help at Karachi. A trench is dug by hand to lay the pipes and provide water.

Trees being felled. Two men use a long saw. An elephant is used to pull timber. The elephant pushing a log up a slope with its trunk. Modern methods of extracting and loading lumber. The piled logs. Men balancing on logs on the river tie them together to float them to market. A log raft. At the mill an Australian manager inspects the timber with a local worker. River traffic in Singapore harbour. Products being loaded onto a freight ship. A train in India, a modern freight locomotive. The Indian train driver. In Malaya, a modern passenger train passes by a station built in an Asian style. A Land Rover on a primitive road. Men digging a road by hand. Heavy plant being moved through the jungle. A close up on the sign "Scraper Model MS Made in Australia" on one of the vehicles. Buses on public roads in Jakarta. An Australian manager advises the local manager. The interior of an air traffic control tower. One man is using a flash lamp to signal, another is speaking into a radio microphone. A DC-4 plane taking off. A telecommunications engineer adjusts a dial on a panel. In a jungle village an Asian man tunes in an Australian built radio. Families gather around it to listen.
An overview of a Nepalese landscape. Democratic elections being held. People gather in a square to listen to a speaker. Villagers queue to collect ballot papers. A man inside the voting tent chooses a ballot box with a picture of the party he supports on it. The Himalayas. Villagers carrying baskets of produce climb a hill. Muslims pray inside a mosque. Men walking past a temple spin drums mounted on vertical sticks. Various Buddhist and Hindu icons. Rows of women praying with monks before a meal. Villagers in South East Asia dancing. Two men play a game like chess, sitting cross-legged. A man paddles a canoe in the jungle. A girl in another canoe collects long flowers and lays them in the boat. An old Asian man fishes from his boat and smokes an enormous cigarette that looks like a joint or spliff !. End credits.

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