Film: 5425

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Finland, Scandinavia 1930's

Waterfront Reindeer herd. Puffins. Village churches. Tree felling and land clearing. Sowing seed. Farming family. Scorched earth. Milking cows. Haystacks. Lace making. Farmers' market. Cotton mill. Coffee beans. Tobacco factory. Workers smoking. Young women drinking coffee. China and rubber. Log beams. Shipping lumber. Limestone quarry. Copper mine. Electricity pylons. Workmen's' houses and children at school. Nurses in training. Helsinki, housing, Finland, Scandinavia. Gardens. Open air cafes. Cruise liners and tourists - the ship is only seen in part and close up, but could be the Arcturus. University students.

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