Film: 5427

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Mr Conrad and Grandpa and children discuss Mrs Conrad who is ill 1950's

Doctor with patient. Doctors verdict is Gallstones and she needs surgery.
Grandpa is against the operation. Doctor reassures children he can fix things for their Mother.
Mrs Conrad arrives by car at the Hospital with her husband and the Doctor. Admission and Medical insurance.
On the ward she is visited by the Surgeon. Various checks before her operation, throat reflexes etc. She has blood taken for a blood test. The Laboratory where the sample is analysed and the tests carried out. Cardiograph machine to check her heart. X-ray. Doctors studying x-rays showing the gallstones. Anesthetist visits and reassures patient. Anaesthetist checking notes with the Surgeon.
Patient eating supper restricted to liquids. Patient given medication pills with glass of water. In the morning the Nurse gives the patient a mid sedative.
Stills of famous people in medicine, including Louis Pasteur, Joseph Lister, Alexander Fleming, Crawford Long and William Morton.
The Operating Theatre and preparation of the room. Surgical instruments are sterilised. Surgeons scrub up and put on gowns, masks and rubber gloves. Anaesthetist administers anaestetic and places mask over the patients face. Patient is moved into the Theatre with the team waiting. The operation proceeds. A female assistant hands over the instruments. Team of surgeons working. Anaethetist keeps a check. Clock face and minutes later the clock face again and the operation is over. Patient is taken back to the Ward. Anaesthetis accompanying patient to check her condition.
Reception Room where Mr Conrad and Grandpa are waiting. The Nurse gives them the news that everything has gone well.
Nurse wiping forehead of patient. Pathology lab and Mrs Conrad's gallbladder is checked and gallstones counted. Mr Conrad and Grandpa visit. Patient gets out of bed with aid of Nurse. Patient walking. Patient days later seeing Mr Conrad off near the lift and kisses him goodbye. Patient eating good healthy diet. A week later and Mr and Mrs Conrad sit in chairs outdoors at the hospital.
Discharge day and a handshake with the Surgeon. Outside the children are waiting to greet her.

Doctor with wife, she needs operation. Woman arrives at hospital. Medical insurance. Doctor examines in hospital ward. Blood tests in the lab. X-ray and cardiograph machines. Preparation for operation. Scrubbing up. S at work. Operating theatre at work. Pathological lab. Convalesces and recovery. Filmed at the New York Academy of Medicine.

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