Film: 5436

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Children in hospital and the work of the Children's ward in the 1950's.

Child reads magazine, letter through door, mother and child walk into hospital grounds. Kid gets into hospital bed with doll. Doctor examines child with stethoscope. Pentabarbitone given orally. Induction with nitrous oxide (NO). Child restless whilst recovering in bed, thrashing etc. Mother pulls up in Austin A50. Another child (girl) lies in bed reading comic. Pentobarbitone orally, injection, girl falls asleep, induced with NO. Shot of toys on theatre shelf, child lies in bed with bleeding from mouth. Boy orally given methylpentynol, atropine injection, ether and NO administered. Injection of morphia. Boy lies crying in bed, opens his arms, kisses his mother. Little girl dresses doll, orally given methylpentynol, injection, lies in bed with teddy bear. Lies asleep in bed after operation, child wakes up, shows missing tooth to mother, smiles. Man carries child. Four year old boy takes methylpentanol. Awake in theatre, given NO. Seven year old boy reads magazine, takes methylpentanol laughs at injection. Seven year old girl, undressed by mother, sits up in bed looking anxious, tries to refuse pre-medication. Plays with doll, cries at atropine injection. Sharp dissection of tonsils. Next day, drawing in colouring book. Little girl dressed by mother. Woman (social worker) with clipboard stands outside, front door. Talks to child. Chart to show that both pre-medication compounds had equal effects on children's complaints about hospital stay. Little boy cries in bed, use of Hyoscine. Six year old boy, methylpentynol laughs in bed, smiles during thiopentone injection, sleeps.
Welfare assessed from children's reactions so lots of 'cute' child shots throughout. Comparison of two different pre-medication compounds, with emphasis on methylpentynol.

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