Film: 5437

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Speaker says, 'Alcoholism can affect anyone'. 1970's

Shots of police-van, drunks being picked up, then brief interviews with alcoholic men and women. Views of sleeping tramp on beach and then of old folk sitting in park. Street scenes in Manchester - large square with traffic. Doctor in his surgery talks about alcoholism - may be present in various ways Psychiatrists talks about it. Young man tells his story. Woman became drunken after husband's death. View of Alcoholic Unit at Prestwich Hospital. Policeman picks up a 'drunk and incapable' man at night. Two policemen helps him into van. Scene in station - man is charged. Several other drunks are arrested. View of Detoxification Cadre at Wilmington Hospital. Treatment may be an alternative to being charged and fined. Police van brings new patient. He is questioned by nurse and admitted to ward. He is examined by doctor. Patient will be arrested for 7 days. Group therapy is shown - discussion of problems. Psychiatrist and guard practitioner speak again. 'Will it work? Is there a 'revolving door'?' Police car by lake - our patient has drowned - high rate of suicide among alcoholics.

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