Film: 5439

Education | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A 'Report from America' tour through the buildings and activities of the Smithsonian Institute, Washington - " a reference library where objects take the place of books" 1960's

Some objects on view include steam locomotives and vintage cars. Shots of aviation display and the National Gallery of Art and its visitors' shop. Aerial shots of Washington. Vaults containing piles of research papers, journals etc. Scholar/curators studying bird skeletons, scholar/curators assembling dinosaur skeleton. In the museum of History and Technology we see musicologists working with archaic instruments. People seen working on scale models for special displays. Shows how artworks are made available to students, either on transparencies or wheeled out from the special stacking system in the gallery vaults. Freeze-dry taxidermy demonstrated. Shots of National Zoological Park. Special section on oriental objets d'art. Experts restoring ancient oriental paintings. Ends by focusing on extensive collection of James Whistler's work.

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