Film: 5441

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Frederick Storaska gives a talk on how to fight off a rapist 1970's

Lots of shots of women in a large college hall or lecture theatre, women's voices talking about what rape means to them, their fears are expressed and their feelings about how they might deal with it. Man gets off aeroplane. Large man in very loud jacket is lecturer on rape and talks about how he came to do the subject. He has that brash American manner, very like a television evangelist. Women say what they would do if raped. He starts by telling lots of jokes. Discusses weapons, tear gas, fighting back, screaming, struggling etc, these methods do not work. Fighting back is useless as this is what the rapist enjoys. He recommends giving in, being sick on them especially if it is date rape, or talking yourself out of the situation, ie appear willing to gain a chance of escape. He talks about the psychology of rapists and their victims. Audience are young male and female students with long hair and t shirts typical of period.

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