Film: 5442

Music | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Programme dominated by the Beatles. All the artists mime. Footage of now deceased John Lennon, Chandler and Dusty Springfield. Good 1960's Mod fashion, both male and female.

Pop programme from the 1960's with the Beatles and Dusty Springfield

The record "5, 4,3,2,1" by Manfred Mann plays. Then cut-out stills of people with musical instruments and pinball machine. Cut outs of a young man and woman in dance poses. Then Cathy McGowan's face blowing a kiss in a heart-shaped shot, with the target over one of her eyes before another one appears on her other eye. Another young lady's head is seen over a target before the words "The Weekend Starts Here" appear on the screen.
Shot of audience dancing before cutting to compere Keith Fordyce. Camera cuts to back of young man's head to portray hairstyles. Hair curled over collar of shirt. Cut to hands of man who wears a number of rings, then shirt front, tie and lapel of jacket, then Chelsea boots, with heels. The four models are the Beatles. On a stage just a little higher than the audience, dancing behind them. They mime to "It won't be long" a track from their "With the Beatles" Album. All four wear similar two piece suits, white shirts and black ties. The camera alternates between group shots and individual close ups. At the end of the record, the four leave the stage to talk to Fordyce. Cathy McGowan then hands over an award from America's Billboard magazine for having records at 1, 2 and 3 in the American charts.
Cathy McGowan then talks to Paul McCartney separately. Keith Fordyce the introduces the Animals and their record "Baby Let Me Take You Home". The four members of the group singer Eric Burdon, guitarists Chas Chandler and Hilton Valentine drummer John Steel and organ player Alan Price all wear two-piece suits and ties as they mime to the record. The camera alternates between close up shots of Burdon , the dancing audience and the rest of the group. Keith Fordyce then talks to Eric Burdon before the film cuts to Michael Aldred who introduces the American artist Bobby Vee, miming to his record "I Remember Buddy Holly". Vee enters through a doorway covered in posters wearing a dark striped jacket, trousers shirt and tie. The audience fill the space behind him as he walks towards the camera. Shots of mobile camera and dancing audience. Keith Fordyce then speaks to Bobby Vee after the record has finished.
The audience is then shown dancing 'the block' to "Not Fade Away", the record by The Rolling Stones. We see two lines of dancers facing each other, males one line, females the other, showing the steps. The girls all wear flat shoes, ski-pants and jumpers. Three of the boys wear Harrington jackets and dark trousers. At the end of the record, the camera cuts to Fordyce who has John Lennon standing behind him peering at the back of his head. The four Beatles then look at the drawings fixed to the wall sent in by viewers depicting the Beatles. Lennon writes "I love Elvis" across one of the drawings as the Beatles' record "This Boy" plays. Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney also write and colour some of the drawings. Lennon writes "Buy my book" on another drawing. Fordyce and the Beatles stand in front of the winning entry and present the winner with a prize, two LP’s - one by Shostakovich and the other by Charlie Mingus, much to the disgust of John Lennon.
Cut to Cathy McGowan talking to Ringo about the Beatles film. Keith Fordyce then introduces Dusty Springfield miming to her record "Everyday I have to Cry A Little" She is on top of a gantry wearing a long sleeveless dress with a belt and her familiar coiffured hair. McCartney and McGowan.
Audience dancing to Peter and Gordon's record "World Without Love". Keith Fordyce then goes through the top ten on a cardboard cut-out of a woman. 10 - "Boys Cry" by Eden Kane, joint 8 - Gene Pitney and Jim Reeves with "That Girl Belongs to Yesterday" and "I Love You Because" respectively; 7 - "I Think of You" by The Merseybeats; 6 - Diane by The Bachelors; 5- "Just One Look" by the Hollies; 4 - "Not Fade Away" by The Rolling Stones; 3 - "Bits and Pieces" by the Dave Clark Five and "Little Children" by Billy J. Kramer at number one.
Michael Aldred then introduces Millicent Martin and "Suspicion". She mimes to the record wearing a sleeveless dress. She walks in front of the Beatles drawings and Ringo's drum kit, taking time to draw on some of the pictures. Aldred then talks to Martin at the end of the record about her record and singing.
The Beatles then mime to their record "You Can't Do That". Alternate shots of Lennon as the lead, then the others in the group as the audience dance around them on stage. Cathy McGowan then talks to George Harrison about fame and America. The Beatles then mime to "Please Mr Postman" while Ringo dances with Cathy. Paul signs autographs for the audience.

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