Film: 5445

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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The town of Nice in the south of France 1930's

Aerial view of Nice, including coast. Palm trees. Waves break on beach. Man cleans café tables. Giant puppet head. Man puts umbrellas on tables. Men cut leaves from palm tree. Hotel views spiral into view. Pan along pavements. Lots of people on promenade, bright sun but cold, people wear overcoats and carry parasols. Lots of posh people. Invalid carriage. Lots of old people wrapped up warmly. 35mm camera on promenade. Stills photographer. Street sweeper. Trader sells out of suitcases. Gypsy woman begs with baby. Sea plane on sea. Yachts and sails, racing. Man plays tennis and crowd watches. Boules. Motor racing. Chauffeur driven cars - ladies get out at reception onto pavement. People lead dogs, walking sticks, ostriches, reading papers. Very old people. Seagulls. Sleeping. Violin and harp playing. Clever camera trick which shows woman in different clothes including a fur. People dry themselves after swimming, play water polo, deckchairs, sunbathing, crocodiles. Women at communal clothes washing place, hang out washing. Men carry things on heads. Men play hand game (two fingers, three fingers). Deformed man - short fingers and deformed face (possibly suffers from leprosy). Open sewer with cat sitting in it. Smart people dance the waltz (good). Carnival - girls throw flowers. Brass band. May queens. Giant statues with big heads with people inside. Various costumes. Women pick flowers. Policeman gives flowers to children over picket fence. Dog carries flowers. Large number of puppets with people inside. People dance. Pierrot. Confetti. Penguin puppets. Bands. Flappers dance on float. Warships. Funeral procession. Conductor. Invalid carriage (?). Uniformed war hero with medals. Shoe-shine boy dissolves to cleaning feet. People step over open manhole cover (filmed from underneath). Statues of angels. Clouds. Shingle beach. Man does stomach exercises. Wind blows trees. Industrial chimneys. Women's faces with rings round eyes. Workman's hole in ground (chimneys and holes = implied sex ). Happy old men talk. Smelting works, burning coke, smoking chimneys.

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