Film: 5447

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Kenyan scenery and wildlife 1950's

Cave drawings.
East African tribe, the Turkana people, with "throwing sticks" for trapping small game. Spears leaning against a tree. An East African herdsman in traditional dress wearing a wrist knife. A hunter lays a wheel trap or snare and demonstrates with a stick, how the trap catches animals. Wide panning view of an arid landscape, goats and cattle being herded in dry river beds. Herdsmen digging water holes and extracting muddy water for tribe and animals. Some camels being watered at the hole. Water pitcher made from animal hides. Woman carving cooking utensils out of wood. The tribal chief has a wooden case which holds his ostrich feather headwear. Fashioning skirts from animal hide and making string. Farming implements being made. Constructing a wooden hut and other structures such as a chicken house and grain store. Woven baskets at market. Basket weaving in close up. Pottery-making by hand. Sharpening an axe and using it to chop down a tree. A wood worker carves implements from tree logs.

Dug out canoes being made. Fish traps being woven on the beach. Fishermen sail their canoes along the coast to lay their traps. Raising a trap and close up of the fish caught. Fisherman at the water's edge cleaning their catch. Children play with toys boats in the water. Wooden rafts being used on a salt lake. Arab style dhows being used to move goods. Fishing dhows in Lake Victoria. The building of the fishing boats. Boats pull up to the shore. A motorised boat plys a heavily reeded waterway. Another village on the shores of Lake Victoria where boats are being made. Canoes with sails. Fisherman making nets. Nets spread out along the shore. Grass huts of the fishing camp. Woman carries fire wood. An ibis stands at the water line. Brief shots of other water birds.

Men collecting rocks, ore for making iron implements. A large roaring fire. Making bellows to keep the fire heated sufficiently for smelting. Building a furnace. Smoke coming off the furnace and men pumping the bellows. Hot coals. The men laugh and sing as they smelt the iron. The furnace is dismantled. A large black mass is retrieved from the fire pit and broken up. A blacksmith creates tools from these pieces.

Ornamental jewellery of Turkana women. Women in a market place, large amount of jewellery or body adornments. Women in traditional dress with hugely stretched ear lobes. Many layers of necklaces and arm bands. Armlets being fitted permanently. Turkana men having their heads decorated in clay headdress with ostrich feathers. Mukamba people selling hand made souvenirs to tourists. Carved wooden animals and baskets. Exterior of University College Makerere Kenya. Student do an art course. African paintings.

East African music and dance. A man plays a bow harp while others dance and sing along. An eight stringed lyre of being played, while lines of men and women dance. Trumpets made from gourds. Men play the trumpets while dancing around a drummer in a circle. Another group of men play gourd trumpets. The Turkana trumpet is played while others sing and dance. Giriama bagpipe plays and other men dance around with what look and sound like washboards. Wasukuma dancers and elaborate feather adorned long horns being played. East African drummers and frantic dancing, with some snakes.

The film ends with very brief clips of East African scenes, man on a rustic tractor, welder, woman at loom, mechanic, sewing machine, fabricating in a factory, farming.

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